Acting in London's West End, crafting handmade jewellery and producing their own music CDs are just a few of the amazing things that our customers do in their spare time, but we've discovered even more to inspire you. We'd love to hear about more of your hidden talents, don't be shy just drop us a line!
Jean Williams has a natural talent for writing poetry, and we especially loved her tale of a Hotter shoe.

Please there is no need, not for apologies, I will explain what the truth of the matter is, The conclusion I have reached no doubt, You cannot wear the darn things out!

The ones I have are in good shape, For you therefore, there's no escape, Already shoe rack overflows, But old and new I can't dispose,

They simply last forever by gum, I have to say your firm is clever. And if there is no order from me, Have you not thought why that can be,

My daughter buys some now and then, For birthdays and Christmas when, What could she better choose, The latest pairs of Hotter shoes!

Jean Williams, Newcastle, UK.
Grandparents and their
grandchildren can teach
each other a thing or two
according to Hotter fan and
'grandma on a mission' Valerie Wood-Gaiger MBE.

In 2006 she set up 'Learn with Grandma', to encourage the two generations to swap and share information that they will both find useful and have fun together.

"Our aims include encouraging parents and grandparents to instil a love of learning, encourage respect between generations, and concentrating on recording these skills for future use" said Valerie from her HQ and home in Wales. "We are going to lose so many skills and so much knowledge in the next couple of decades but now we have the technology and the manpower - the younger generations - to record it all"

One of Valerie's first projects was to create an SOS card to teach grandchildren how to alert the emergency services in a family member is in distress. And with her love of technology Valerie hopes her new website will encourage intergenerational learning, with visitors able to upload their own activities, films and photos.

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Hotter's exceptional customer service
was the inspiration for this brilliant
cartoon by talented customer Christine
Clements. Christine explained: "As far
back as I can remember I have always
drawn - anything and everything, all the time. I attended art college for a while before going on to a career in education, teaching young children and those with special needs. I ventured into cartoon work almost accidentally when I found cartoons to be a really effective way to deliver a message fast - whether to support adult training or when working with children."

In the past year, with her retirement on the horizon, Christine, decided to set up her own cartoon business ClemArt. She has already undertaken commissions for corporate clients, personal cartoons portraying hobbies, significant memories and events and even artwork for an anti-bullying campaign.

"My advance retirement present to myself was a huge state-of-the-art flat-screen computer with all the trimmings so that I can scan my hand-drawn cartoons and colour them digitally. This is adding a new dimension to my work and I am just about keeping up to speed on all the technical side of things!" she added. Christine has yet to set up a website but in the meantime she is operating from an email address and can be contacted on