EST 1959
The company was set up in 1959 in Lancashire, in the North West of England,
and we've been designing and making footwear ever since!
We diversified from our roots - slipper production - in the early 1990s,
when we had our ‘eureka moment’ - identifying a niche in the market for stylish
shoes with comfort built in. Since then product innovation, world
class production facilities and continual reinvestment in our
business has seen our shoe collections expand beyond all
recognition and our circle of Hotter friends grow by hundreds
of thousands each year.
We manufacture world-class products from our UK factory
because we have invested millions of pounds to create one of the
most advanced shoe making facilities in the world. Having full
command of production gives us great flexibility, 100% control over
quality and a built-in desire to deliver the best we can. Each year
we're increasing the number of shoes we make - a record 2.2 million
pairs last year - and we are delighted that our commitment and
passion for footwear has led to us become the biggest shoe
manufacturer in the UK.
We are passionate about crafting shoes that are the epitome of
comfort and style. Taking inspiration from current fashion trends and
incorporating valuable feedback from our customers, our design and
technical teams work hard to create a whole range of beautiful shoes
fit for every occasion.

We only use premium materials so that every time you sink your
feet into their cushioned softness, they feel both comfortable
and protected.
Every single pair of our shoes is millimeter perfect and is hand polished
before being meticulously wrapped in tissue and placed in its box – left
shoe first, side down, followed by right shoe, side up, so that from the
moment you open the box to the moment you first slip your feet into the
pillow-soft cushioning of your new shoes, the whole “Hotter moment” feels
so very special.
When our customers asked us to create the type of classic, heeled shoes
that we can’t currently make in our factory, we set about scouring the
world to find the perfect partners to replicate the Hotter comfort and
quality our customers love so we could add them to our collection.
Every member of our team is obsessed with delivering the best possible
service. When you ring our Call Center, contact us through our website or
message us through social media, you'll find yourself connected with
someone who speaks your language, based right here in the UK...in fact
just a few feet away from our factory and shoe makers!

Every single person at Hotter works towards your satisfaction and we never
forget how important our customers are to our success.