Comfort is the foundation on which our designers build our collection; so you can confidently step out in style whichever pair makes you smile... #stylewithasmile.
"We want our customers to browse with the secure knowledge that any pair they select will be as comfortable as we can possibly make them," said Design Director Ian Spedding. "They can rest assured that our teams have meticulously hidden every single comfort feature they can into each design. So many of these features will never be seen by the eye but they'll certainly bring a smile to the face."
This attention to detail is not focussed on comfort alone: "First and foremost we want to create desirable footwear that women want to wear, so we concentrate on seasonal trends, beautiful details like pretty bows and contemporary colourways - using vivid jewelled shades and rich warm tones to the brighten the cooler months. This season every style will bring a smile to someone!" Hotter's ladies shoe designers Ellspeth Robson, Laura Jayne Rosbotham and Kim Denton reveal their favourite comfort secrets!
Pyramid Technology
"We hide pyramid shaped foam pads under the ball of the foot and extra foam padding under the heel area in our higher shoes, giving extra cushioning where it's most needed."
Flexibility In Every Step
"By making our shoes super supportive and flexible, we make sure they're a pleasure to wear wherever your life takes you."
Super Light Soles
"The soles of most of our shoes are filled with millions of air bubbles and this makes them unbelievably lightweight."