Shoe fans across the world are discovering Hotter each and every day, and with great, honest reviews from our blogging family, they're helping to make even more feet happy! Read our favourite reviews from bloggers across the UK and USA.
Meet Laura!
Kate from blog loves her Laura shoes! It's the perfect style for mini breaks and active weekends with family.
Laura"They are just SO comfortable. They are the type of shoe you can just shove on for any occasion - school run, park, shopping - and they go with everything from jeans to skirts.

"I love them. I love the feeling of walking on a cushioned surface, I love the fact that they are so well fitting you just kind of forget you are wearing them, I love the bright pop of colour."
Beautifully detailed
We teamed up with USA blogger Jenna from and her husband to road test rugged men's style Defender. It's the perfect style for casual days but can look smart too for a day at the office or out with friends.
Defender"Their brogue styling and distinct wax finish offers a unique look I can't find on a department store shelf. Not only are they lightweight to wear, and feature comfort air bubble insoles and a complimentary shoe horn, but they are beautifully detailed. The designed rustic feel to Hotter's Defender shoes is almost country, and timelessly vintage."