Write a Sonnet
Write a Sonnet
Inspired by Ian Macmillan's Hotter Sonnet, Comfort Club readers sent in their Hotter inspired poems for their chance to win new shoes.
The winner was Shirley Thornley with "Hotter Speaks For Itself"
My name is Oasis Hotter,
I'm one of a twin,     
We live in Shirley's wardrobe,
Surrounded by Hotter kin,
Claire has sailed down the Amazon,
And enjoyed the High Karoo,
I've ridden on an elephant
And strollled through Katmandu.
Wherever Shirley wanders
She is sure to choose
One of the Hotter family
Because we're her favourite shoes.
We're so cosy and casual
Flexible and light
Or luxurious, elegant and stylish
Perfect for day or night
So when the day is over
And we are carefully put away
With our family in the wardrobe
You will hear shirley say
'I love my hotters!!"
And the runners up
Hotter Shoes
It's off to the dance
My Valettas are on
They feel so comfy
All apprehension has gone

I know all evening
I'll be dancing on air
With my Valettas
More than doing their share

I'm whirling and shimmying
All round the floor
My feet feel fresh
While my friends are sore

The tango, the foxtrot
The polka and waltz
I'm really happy
Hotter shoes have no faults

At the end of the night
When the dancing is done
My great Hotter shoes
Ensure I've had fun
Autumn Days Autumn Days
With one foot in my Hotter
I step into the day.
With the next foot in my Hotter
I know I'm on my way.
As light as air,
On angel's wings
I glide along with ease;
And smile to all I
Meet and greet
Through sun, hail, sleet or feeze.
And when my mobile summons me
To go and do my bit,
My feet feel fine,
Life is sublime
I'm a sturdy, real true brit.
Sugar 'Sugar's' Big Day Out
Because I love my Hotter shoes
I thought I'd take them on a cruise,
So full of confidence and zeal
I ventured on the Falkirk Wheel.

The day was fine, the barge was set,
There was no thought of getting wet;
I slid the window open wide,
Sat back and waited for the ride.

We first went low, and then went high,
Lost contact with first earth, then sky;
I clenched my toes inside my shoes,
And managed to prevent a bruise

(The silk-touch lining did ensure
My feet were cosy and secure).
Then down dark tunnels we did go,
Emerged, then saw folk down below.

Across the bridge fell sun and rain.
Before we slid back down again,
My Hotter lightweight extra wide,
Just took the whole thing in their stride!