Your feet are as individual as you are which is why we have over 30 width and size combinations to help you find your perfect fit. We offer half sizes, Standard, Wide and Extra Wide fittings. Our lasts have been made consistently by the same craftsmen for decades, they interpret our Comfort DNA with millimetre precision. Discover our width fittings and conversion chart below.

Standard Fit

This is a generous 'D' fit and is the most commonly purchased width fitting in our range. We haven't made any changes to this, so if you purchased Standard previously then you can just continue to shop the same fitting. SHOP STANDARD

Wide Fit

Previously referred to as 'Extra Wide Fit', we have changed to simply 'Wide Fit. Also known as 'EE' fit, this is the narrowest of our two wide fitting options. If you have previously purchased shoes in Extra Wide Fit, you will need to select Wide Fit from now on. This fit is still identified using the abbreviation EXF, so don't worry if you order Wide Fit and see the letters EXF inside the shoe or on the box - this is correct. SHOP WIDE

Extra Wide Fit

This is the broadest of all of our fittings and is also known as 'EEE. If you have purchased EEE shoes from us previously, you will now need to purchase Extra Wide Fit instead from now on. All Extra Wide Fit shoes will have the abbreviation EEE inside and you may also notice it on the shoebox or on your order confirmation. SHOP EXTRA WIDE


Mens shoes come in a standard width fitting which is F-G.

Size Conversion Chart

There's no such thing as the perfect foot, but there might just be such a thing as the perfect fit. Here's a handy shoe size conversion chart to help you find your perfect fit. Our footwear is made to standards set out by the British Footwear Association and tested by SATRA. When buying Hotter footwear you should order your usual size.

If you’re not sure what size you we can provide further advice if you call our customer service team on freephone 1-646-687-6956 (calls are charged at US National Rate).

What styles are most suited to wider feet?

We think that lace and touch fastenings offer the best adjustability for wider feet.

What styles are most suited to narrow feet?

We think that lace fastening styles off the best adjustability for narrow feet.

Do I need to order a larger size if I’m purchasing boots and wearing thicker socks?

Unless the sock thickness is significant there is no need to do this.

How do I get further advice on fittings?

Our customer service team are here to help. Call us on 01695 797979.