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    Mary Jane Shoes (14)

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    The Mary Jane shoe is a fashion staple – a go-to style that will work with most outfits. You know you are secure in the shoe because of the strap holding your foot in place. We have created our own variations of this much-loved style, with different strap designs and a huge selection of colours to choose from to suit any outfit. We have various styles, colours and patterns that are continually updated to follow the season’s trends, helping to keep you up to date.

    Style this shoe with trousers, a skirt or a dress; you will look the part whilst knowing you will be comfortable in your Hotter shoes. With its feminine design, sleek shape and beautiful colours you know you can rely on this style to work with your outfit. The flexible design and lightweight nature of the materials we use to create the shoes mean you will not be weighed down, so you can walk for longer.

    The shoe is designed with premium butter-soft leather, suede or nubuck that moulds to the shape of your foot leaving you with a snug fit as the shoe hugs and supports your feet. View our new season collection for styles to inspire you.