When we asked you to describe a typical day for you in your favourite Hotter shoes we loved your answers; our favourite came from Gill Clark from Northampton who we picked to win a pair of shoes! Gill wears her Dizzy shoes whilst competing her miniature schnauzer Bella in dog championships.

After hearing your wonderful tales we wanted to share a typical day in the life of staff at Hotter, from our stores opening ready to greet happy Hotter fans to our USA team answering the telephones until 4am in the morning. And we're introducing top socker Adam Robinson who works in our factory, he was one of the lucky staff to meet Her Royal Highness the Countess of Wessex when she visited us.
5.45am: The warehouse is the first to open and the team starts stacking our shelves high with shoes made in our factory which is just next door.
6am: Our factory opens for production bright and early, staff prepare to start manufacturing our beautiful shoes - we'll make over 1.6 million pairs in 2013.
8am: Our UK call centre opens and our customer service advisors get ready to take your orders and queries. "I love helping customers find the best style, fit and size to suit them" added Mark Titchener, Personal Shopper. Our warehouse team start to pack and dispatch your orders as quickly as possible to get them to you to enjoy and show off to your friends and family.
9am - 10am: Our 54 Hotter stores start to open, greeting crowds of happy Hotter fans searching for their next shoe to add to their footwear collection. “The challenge for us every day is to spread the word about Hotter and work hard to give exceptional service” added Nicola Wills, Store Manager, Truro. Hotter Headquarters comes alive with a flurry of activity and staff get excited for the day ahead.

12pm: The returns team start their day processing your returned orders and help find you an alternative style you'll love.

1pm - 3pm: Our stores start to reach the busiest period of their day and the teams fit shoes and help customers decide on which pair to treat themselves to.

2pm: The early starters in the factory and warehouse finish their shift ready to recharge their batteries for a new day and another team take over.

5pm: Our twilight team start work in the warehouse packing and dispatching your orders until 10pm that evening.

8pm: Our USA team steps in to start answering calls from our friends in America and look forward to telling them all about the latest styles in our new Autumn collection. Debbie Lunt, USA Customer Services Advisor added "We have a great relationship with our USA customers, they are fantastic and are pleasure to talk too."
4am: The USA team head home before the sun rises and our Hotter headquarters has a break until the day begins again at 5.45am!
I was born in... Billinge. About 20 minutes away from the Hotter factory!

My favourite comfort food is... A homemade roast dinner on Sunday nights with my family.

My all-time favourite song is... Hotel Yorba by The White Stripes.

If I have time to myself I like to... Have a game of football with my friends.

The invention that makes my life most comfortable is... My laptop. I can look for new music and keep in touch with friends and family on Facebook.

My favourite thing to do at Hotter is... Socialise with friends that work in the factory. There's always a great friendly atmosphere that makes it a great place to work.

You wouldn't know it but I'm good at... Playing golf. I don't get chance to play often so when I do I really enjoy it. I like to play at a golf course near St Annes.

My favourite holiday destination is... Florida. It's a great place to go to enjoy the sun and I have some great memories of going there for family holidays.

My most memorable moment at Hotter is... When the Countess came to visit the business. It was an exciting day for everyone so there was a great atmosphere around the building.