Is having three thousand dogs in one venue over two days a good idea? Yes says the Kennel Club as it prepares its 17th Discover Dogs event at Earls Court.

“There is no other show quite like Discover Dogs.” says Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary. “We have almost 200 different pedigree dog breeds that come to the event to show the world why their breed is great.

“The idea behind Discover Dogs is to create a fun, family day out that brings people and dogs together and celebrates our unique relationship. However, we also have a more serious aim and we believe that over the last 16 years we have managed to not only make the show fun, but also helped to educate tens of thousands of people about the importance of choosing the right breed for their lifestyle and to make sure they buy a puppy responsibly.”

The Kennel Club is passionate about Discover Dogs because it's an opportunity to engage with the public in a fun, friendly way about the hundreds of different breeds of pedigree dogs and the importance of looking into all the different characteristics of a breed not just its looks.

Discover Dogs takes place on 10th and 11th November at Earls Court.