Pain Free Heels
Wearing heels all day can take a toll on your feet. Samantha Cameron has been seen wearing heels almost everyday in the run up to the election and the effects have started to show.

Hotter have the perfect heels to keep you pain-free! The Donna have a Pyramid Technology: to alleviate the pressure in the balls of the feet, small pads of pyramid shaped foam are placed in the ball aread of the shoes which contract as you walk and give extra cushioning. Thet also gave lots of space for toes to wiggle and flex, causing you less pain if your on your feet all day.
The Pyramid Technology is available in a variety of different heels including the Antoinette, Bailey, Bellaire, Cruise, Donna, Follie, Kacey, Michelle, Pollyanna, Rimini, Sorrento and Suzette.
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About Hotter: Special ‘comfort concept’ features are secretly hidden inside every pair of Hotter’s men’s shoes and women’s shoes. Details such as an anatomical footbed, extra roomy toe box, padding at the heel and counter, foam lined tongues and a polyurethane sole mean that Hotter men’s shoes and women’s shoes will be the most comfortable you will ever wear. What’s more, Hotter shoes are recommended by the UK’s leading foot health professionals. Why not take a look at Hotter’s online fitting guide to find your perfect fit.