1959 was a special year for lots of reasons and once we started researching into this special year we discovered a wealth of celebrities who have reached their Golden Jubilee - just like us! We've put a few of them together, along with another familiar face who just happened to be born this year too, into a 'Born in 1959' crossword and we'd like to challenge you to name the stars. When you've completed all the answers you'll see some highlighted squares - rearrange the letters to create a two word phrase which describes something hidden in Hotter shoes.

Send your answer to weloveshoes@hotter.com with 1959 Crossword in the subject line, or post your answers to Melanie Killilea, Hotter Shoes,
2 Peel Road, Skelmersdale, WN8 9PT. The first correct entry drawn from all entries by February 20th 2010 will receive a £50 Hotter voucher.

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5. He sang with The Cure.
8. Sister in a famous, wholesome American singing group.
11. Comedian and writer - wrote Blackadder with Richard Curtis.
12. Actor who starred in 'Shakespeare in Love' and 'The Next Best Thing'.
16. The person behind your favourite footwear brand.
18. This Scottish singer could be described as a Simple Mind.
19. Canadian musician.
20. Scottish female singer who hit the Big Time in the 80s.
1. British comedy star who moved to the U.S. and became a doctor.
2. American, former number one, professional golfer.
3. He could be described as having the ultimate X Factor.
4. American actor who was once drove the batmobile.
6. Spandau Ballet brother.
7. Fiery tennis player turned commentator.
9. Everyone's favourite Scottish pick me up in the morning.
10. Former leader of the Liberal Democrats.
13. Much loved English actress who starred in BBCs New Tricks.
14. This 'Usual Suspect' is a U.S. actor.
15. Cockney Phil is an Eastend favourite.
17. A Yorkshire born actor who has been very 'Sharpe'.