How to wear shoes fashionably
Meet Vicki Day, who has been blogging as Mrs D for 18 months and has just been voted one of the top three UK bloggers in Vogue's Online Fashion 100 poll. Find her at

'A shop girl at heart' Vicki, who lives in South Kensington, started as a weekend sales assistant at Kendal Milne in Manchester and after college became a management trainee at Jaeger.

Vicki returned to university to study journalism when she reached 40, landing an internship at fashion industry bible Drapers. Delighted at making the Vogue websites top 100 fashion bloggers at 50, Vicki has plans to expand her blog whose motto is "there are no rules to fashion just great style". We asked Vicki to suggest how to wear shoes fashionably...

"The whole shoe process starts with the face and then the feet: do the shoes put a smile on your face
which make you want them to put them on your feet... and do they fit. The second part of the' face to feet' ratio is... are they not only fabulous but comfortable, because nothing looks worse than a woman with her face screwed up in pain from her shoes - that is not a chic look.

"Make a statement with your feet, so if you're looking for full on glamour go for those spindly stilettos, but if you're thinking cute then buy kitten heels - basically know what look you're going for, and go full out. Let's also remember night time is the right time for attention-getting shoes. If you still want to wear a 'drop dead' look during the day, choose a closed-toe or peep-toe shoe or sandal - Surabaya is perfect in the summer to take you from day to night.

"Make sure your clothing is tailored or you'll risk looking sloppy. A trouser leg should fall at or above the ankle, while skirts or dresses should end above the knee - so Darcy is a perfect choice for trousers.

"And if you're ever in doubt always take the line of comfort or a classic black court shoe as this is always in fashion and will always look fabulous on you."
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