Just in time for the party season we're delighted to introduce Boutique by Hotter... you'll wish all your shoes felt just like this.
This pretty-as-a-picture trio, with on trend block heels and eye-catching colourways, include Mary Jane Fame, heeled loafer Glamour and slip on Admire. Feel free to fall in love with their catwalk-style good looks, because these shoes are designed to make sure you're smiling from your first dance to your last.
Shhh!... it's our little secret
Hidden inside each pair is Hotter's newest secret ingredient - Pyramid Technology - which puts science into comfort. Deep inside the shoe soles we've concealed pyramid-shaped foam pads which contract
and trap air as you walk, acting as a cushion to the balls of your feet where pressure can be constant. Placed directly above the flexi grooves of the shoes' sole, and at the heel, the special pads enhance flexibility and soften these parts of the insole.