Become a Calendar Girl
You can easily turn yourself and a friend into a Calendar Girl - simply follow the instructions below and share your photo with your friends and family via email or Facebook. It's free to do and you can 'Become a Calendar Girl' as many times as you like. Have fun!
You and a friend can become a Calendar Girl, just follow these simple instructions.

1. You'll see a circle around the first face you can replace. So click upload and then select the photo from your computer which you would like to use. If you have a webcam you can take a new photo to upload.

2. Once your photo has been uploaded and you are happy with the one you have chosen you can edit the position of your photo and even change the colour to find the perfect fit by simply hovering your mouse over the photo and following the instructions on screen.

3. Once you are happy with your first photo, click on the arrow in the top right corner to repeat the process to add a photo of a friend.

4. Now, click the arrow in the top right corner and your photo will be saved.

5. Congratulations, you've just become a Calendar Girl - why not share your photo with friends and family by pressing the Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr buttons on the top of the image.