Sun, Sea & City Breaks

When luggage space is at a premium smart packing is key to making the most of your holiday wardrobe. Shoes or sandals are a key foundation, making sure they are comfortable goes without saying, but select the right styles and everything else falls into place. We asked our designer Kim Denton for her holiday footwear tips.

"My advice is to plan your holiday wardrobe from the shoes up, that way you can mix and match your clothes to create several looks for each piece of footwear," explained Kim. "Sandals like Maisie and Abigail are great multi-taskers - you can dress them up for casual evenings and in the brighter shades they look amazing on the beach with a co-ordinated t-shirt or sarong.

"I love active holidays, sight-seeing and exploring new destinations, so I'd opt for Scarlett which I know has lots of cushioning and adjustment if my feet get warm. For cooler climates our new 'mall walker' Lexi looks great with jeans and cut off trousers and I know it will give lots of support when I'm pounding the streets because I designed it to do just that!

"There's always a reason to dress up on holiday, and if you're cruising or planning to celebrate a special occasion, our beautiful Mauritius and Maldives sandals are elegant and give real heel appeal . Their colour palette is so simple but so sophisticated: classic black, white or tan always look good with tanned legs and give the finishing touch to cool neutrals, bright shades or refined monochrome."
Alma Maldives Scarlett Alma Abigail Mauritius