Make a pair and show us your skill
Ellspeth has provided her pattern and all the instructions to make her lovely shoes as we would love to find some undiscovered shoe making talent.
Use colourful card or material to make your own shoe or even a pair, send us a photo by post or to don't forget to make yours bright, light and stylish... we can't wait to see what you can do!
Our smart ladies footwear designer has a passion for footwear and a keen eye for craft work, and some years ago combined the two; culminating in a paper shoe project that she's agreed to share.

“I was artistic, even as a child,” Ellspeth told us, “Christmas presents were crayons, sketch pads and pencils and I loved drawing everything.”
Ellspeth went to her local Art and Design College in Hartlepool, before studying fashion and textiles at Leicester Polytechnic. “On the course I soon discovered an affinity and talent for footwear design”, she said.

Ellspeth's skill helped her win several shoe designing competitions and even a bursary to study with a leading brand. Since then Ellspeth has travelled the world for footwear inspiration and four years ago she spotted some paper shoes in a shop window in San Francisco.
“I wondered what they were; one looked like a parrot and another like a garden, I had to find out more,” she explained. “Shortly afterwards it was my boss's birthday and I decided to make him a paper shoe and my pattern cutting training helped me translate the
2D design to 3D. My local craft shop was intrigued with the project and when I showed them the results they asked me to set up some paper shoe making classes.”

For four years she ran courses in Hinckley teaching her skills and she's planning to resume her craft teaching classes; making a start by sharing her paper shoe challenge.
Amy Boyle, daughter of Hotter Trainer Jo, was the first to take on Ellspeth's paper shoe making challenge.
The creative 11-year-old from Penketh, Warrington, loved getting her hands on the project and has set a very high standard adding a spotty blue insole and beautiful handcrafted flowers in shades of powder blue and baby pink to create a beautiful Spring style.

And Ellspeth's verdict: “Just perfect. The colours are quite beautiful; Amy certainly has a creative flair!”
Amy spent an hour, cutting, pasting and creating Ellspeth's paper shoe... and now it's over to you!