Next time you see a Hotter store Amy Jackson hopes you'll walk right in - or at the very least stop and stare for a moment!
Amy is our Visual Merchandising Manager, and it's her mission to entice you into our stores by creating intriguing and exciting store windows that tell the Hotter story.
New window displays will be painstakingly pieced together this month, to create a brand new look in our 71 stores from Aberdeen to Exeter. Store Managers have been following Amy's detailed instructions and have already been finding that customers have been stepping in store to find out more.

"Hotter is fun, quirky, adventurous and 100% committed to comfort with style and it's my job to portray this in a way that makes people want to come inside and find out more," explained Amy, 35. "The women's window highlights our comfort benefits with soft and lightweight clouds, balloons and feathers. For the men we focus on British design and manufacture with newspaper prints, gold frames and a crown," she added, "and we add in a nod to the British sense of humour, and obsession with the weather, with a set of 3D umbrellas."

Amy starts with a blank canvas, liaising with the retail team to determine which products and message to promote. From there the fun begins for creative Amy, who sketches out ideas; researches the latest techniques and briefs a design company. Mock up windows are installed in the fake windows she has had made in the back of the nearby Bury store and once these are signed off production starts and the kit is sent to all the stores.

"We'll be keeping everything fresh and interesting so keep an eye out for new windows soon - I can't wait for our Christmas display to be revealed!" she added.