If you're feeling creative here's a few projects to keep you busy! Be inspired by ladies designer Ellspeth's latest upcycling hobby, download our knitting pattern to create your very own London Bus or get crafty with paper, glitter and feathers to design your very own mini paper shoe.

We'd love you to share photos of your completed craft projects with us by emailing them to weloveshoes@hotter.com or upload them to our Facebook page.
Upcycling vintage shoe lasts is designer Ellspeth's latest project - and once she started breathing new life into these beautiful wooden, foot shaped forms, she couldn't stop until she had created a unique piece of art for each Hotter store.
What started as a challenge from Hotter founder Stewart Houlgrave has become an eye-catching project which could soon be found in a Hotter store near you.

"On one of our trips looking at the newest
trends to 'Hotterise', we got talking about the hi-tech lasts that we use in our factory and Stewart mentioned his collection of old, wooden lasts," explained Ellspeth. "Each one is unique, with a story to tell and he asked me to see if I could revamp a few."

Ellspeth started with three, with different designs, colours and treatments. "I coat each last with chalk paint to create a base colour, and then sand down corners, high spots and anywhere there are numbers, measurements and writing, so the real history of the last can come through.

"On my first three I drew a lace style in pen, a colourful daisy and a snakeskin pump using tester pots and mixing colours myself. When I was happy with the design I used wax to enhance the sheen and seal the paint in place," she said.

Using inspiration from her collection of wild flower, butterfly and craft books, as well as her own imagination, Ellspeth has now completed 54 unique lasts, and is planning more!