Style...It's our signature
OUR SIGNATURE COLLECTION includes everything that Hotter does best... thoughtful design, beautiful seasonal colours and secret indulgent Comfort Concept® features to bring a smile to your face.

Every season you'll find new Signature styles to add to your collection so if you're a Shake addict or a Jewel fan we're sure you'll be tempted by cute Dolce or sweet Appledore. Already found a favourite? Then try a new shade this season... beautiful Boysenberry, rich Plum or warm Chestnut.
Style...It's our signature
If you love Hotter shoes and love something else too - like singing, poetry, dancing or photography - let us know by emailing and we'll share your story.
I Love Shoes
Gill Clark has trained her miniature schnauzer Bella to become a champion, in her favourite Hotter shoes...

"Just after my 50th birthday last year, I got my first dog, Bella, and life hasn't been the same since! Bella was only ever intended as a companion but to help her socialise with other dogs and people I took her along to some local fun dog shoes. And to my surprise at the first show we went to Bella came second in Prettiest Bitch...from then on I was hooked!"

Gill wears her 'lucky Hotter shoes' when she competes with Bella and the pair have won several events. "My feet are always super comfortable thanks to my Hotter shoes, so all I need to think about is helping my little star to look her best!"
Shake... baby shake!
Shake... baby shake!
Our Hotter family is a talented one... not only do we make and find you shoes to fall in love with, we also have David in our Canterbury store who is a professional juggler, Laura in Cardiff who is in a formation dancing team and Ashleigh in Edinburgh who's hoping to compete in the Commonwealth Games. Here we meet Jennifer Smith from our Norwich store, who has created a pair of baby Shake shoes.
Inspired by her graphic designer mum to be creative from an early age, Jennifer is currently studying design at Norwich University and has had work exhibited at the Tate in London and Norwich Castle Gallery. She loves making costumes, jewellery and props, so when her colleague Chantelle announced she was expecting a new arrival Jennifer set about creating a quite unique gift.

"I've never made a pair of shoes before, but I like a challenge," she said. "I had a close look at the design of Shake and created a template which I transferred to material. I was so surprised at how well the shape turned out!"
Shimmy takes to the air
Shimmy takes to the air
For work Shimmy's classic design, and signature comfort, are the perfect combination.

Who better take our smart courts for a test drive than a hard working, high flying British Airways Cabin
Crew. Here's what Bianca Cooney from Surrey told us:

"For my job I need a good pair of comfortable cabin shoes. I'm constantly on the look out for a pair of court shoes that tick all the boxes and I think I may
have found them with my new Hotter court shoes.

They were instantly comfortable, which is very important as my job requires me to be on my feet for long periods of time and it's great not having to 'wear them in'. They have a good grip so no slipping and sliding when the aircraft hasn't quite levelled out on a quick 30 minute flight.

I'm looking forward to testing how durable they are and if they are long lasting I may be on to a winner at last. Overall a fabulous, comfortable classic court shoe and I score them 8 out of 10 and definitely recommended."
Shimmy takes to the air