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 <div id="usawaytext1">Melissa Haak, from USA, is a Hotter fan but she's also the mastermind behind mummy blog Peanut Butter in My Hair!</div>
 <div id="usawaytext2">When Melissa, mother of four, recently reviewed a pair of our shoes and told us how much she loved them, we were intrigued to find out more about her blog and why she decided to start this community. She writes about all the sticky bits of motherhood at <strong>www.peanutbutterinmyhair.com</strong> and also tweets on Twitter via <strong>@PBinmyHair</strong>. Here she tells us more...</div>
 <a id="f-link1" href="/en-us/66410_valetta-shoes"></a>
 <div id="usawaytext3">Family life in America these days is very different than it was just 50 years ago, many of us women are separated from our families by miles. Many of us were working when we had our first child and found ourselves at home and trying to figure out motherhood alone, without the network of mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts that surrounded previous generations. The internet, and blogs, have filled that gap allowing mothers to build up their village (albeit virtually) and find support and friendship when they need it most.<br/><br/>
When I had my first child in 2005 I was living in an urban area and working full time. Most of my friends and associates were people I went to work with. I was the first of my friends to have kids so when I started staying home with my son I had no reference, no ideas about what to do and no one to ask questions or spend time with. I turned to blogs after reading an article about a local group blog run by mothers (the now shuttered Chicago Moms Blog).<br/><br/>
I didn't start writing my own blog until the end of 2008. That fall we moved from the urban area where I had developed my writing skills writing for a local parenting group newsletter, to the far out suburbs. Originally my blog started as more of a way to keep in touch with my urban friends and poke fun at my new suburban lifestyle.<br/><br/>
Since I started it has grown from just stories of life in the 'burbs into a journal on the &quot;Sticky side of motherhood&quot;. I have met great friends, who I see regularly &quot;in real life&quot; and received support as well as encouraging others through the struggles of miscarriage and PPD. I have also started a business because of my experiences online at blogging conferences. I now am a freelance writer as well as an editor and curator of a local blog.<br/><br/>
What started as an online venture has become one that has enhanced my offline life. I have travelled across the country to meet friends and participate in blogging conferences. I have met wonderful women and mentors who have helped me start a new career that I can build up while still being at home with my kids. Conference attendance also has one other benefit, mom time! Time to focus on something I love (writing and connecting) and to re-energize so I can head back home to the daily grind of motherhood.</div>