We're the UK's biggest shoe maker and we are on a mission to create the world's most comfortable shoes.
Comfortable stylish shoes
made in our UK factory
Our company was established in 1959, when my parents opened a slipper making factory. Devoted to quality and comfort from the start, we have invested millions of pounds in the last 50 years to ensure we have kept up with advances in technology and product development. Whatever your reason for buying new shoes the universal feature you need more than anything is... comfort! And it's that comfort that our design team and technicians ensure is hidden in the women's shoes and men's shoes that we make in our UK factory - and that's a lot - in fact it's more than any other shoe maker in the UK.
Find us between the homes
of the Beatles and Beckham!
Our Hotter headquarters are located midway between Liverpool (home of the Beatles) and Manchester (home of David Beckham's first football team) and at this HQ we design, make and ship the 1.6 millions of pairs that we make, here in our UK factory. If you call us (toll free!) you'll be speaking to friendly customer advisors in our call centre which is situated right next to our factory. Being located together like this gives us great flexibility and instils in us all a passion both about comfort and great customer service.

And don't forget you can call us toll free or email us at if there's anything you need any time. We're looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy the Hotter comfort.
Stewart Houlgrave,
Hotter Comfort Concept Founder
Above - The original factory in 1959
Left - Stewart in our new factory
uk made shoes from
a world class factory
Our shoe making pedigree stretches back more
than 50 years to when our company was first set up.
Proud to be a
UK Shoemaker
We've kept up to speed with technological developments and now boast one of the most sophisticated shoe manufacturing plants in the world - dedicated to bringing you the ultimate range of comfort shoes, boots and sandals.
Above - Steven Stewart, Quality Control
Centre - Peter Taylor, Managing Director
Right - Gemma Price, Picker
The Hotter 'X factor'
The Hotter Comfort Concept 'X factor' is the myriad of comfort features we cram into every one of the 1.6m pairs of shoes we make in our UK factory every year. The millions of air bubbles we inject into the soles of our shoes have made legions of customers feel like they are walking on air - but that's just the start of our comfort story. Our designers and technicians are our comfort engineers, they skilfully hide comfort features in our shoe designs such as soft padding at heels and wiggle room for toes, What's more we ensure that each pair is meticulously tested, tested and tested again until they are millimetre perfect and guaranteed to be instantly lovable!

We want to make sure each and every pair in our latest collection is one you will fall in love with, which is why we love to speak to our customers and listen to your feedback. We knew that you loved our shoes but wanted Hotter comfort for all your wardrobe options so our design team have worked hard to make this vision a reality and we're proud to have introduced a new selection of fabulous women's heels.

As we're not yet able to make this type of product in our UK factory we've scoured the world to find a small number of quality partners to work with on these new projects.
These partners are selected because they manufacture world class products in these niche areas and now work under close supervision of Hotter's own design, technical and production teams to meet all of Hotter's stringent requirements for achieving true comfort, style and quality.
Passionate people
make fabulous footwear
But to make shoes as comfortable, stylish and such good quality as ours there is one essential ingredient - passionate people. We have a team of dedicated staff - several of whom have worked here more than 40 years - who are passionate about bringing you a first class product and giving you a first class service. With full control over our production we can work together to plan ahead, add and develop shoe styles and ensure great stock availability. We're meticulous with our detail and fanatical about quality - every pair of hands and eyes that creates and sells our shoes is looking out for quality so that you can rest assured that every time you open a Hotter shoe box the perfect Hotter Comfort Concept® experience awaits - enjoy yours!
Above - Ian Spedding, Design Director
Our comfort mission
The beauty of Hotter shoes it that no matter how good they look, no matter how rich the colours and beautiful their style, the ultimate reason people fall in love with our shoes is the comfort they feel when they put them on.
Each designer lives and breathes the Comfort Concept® and, armed with a check list of comfort features, sets about hiding them in each shoe they design. When you wear a shoe with a sole filled with millions of air bubbles it really does feel like you are walking on air; if there's lots of space in the front of your shoe then your toes can wiggle and flex and if you wear a shoe with a luxurious leather upper then your feet will feel cool and fresh. Combined, all these features create the Comfort Concept® which comes as standard no matter which pair you fall in love with.
Styles your feet
will love...
Fall in love with our latest collection and enjoy a pair of the most comfortable shoes you'll ever wear. You'll find a shoe for every occasion and what's more each style is available in an array of colours to suit any outfit.
Our customers love our shoes
We've been giving women and men shoes to fall in love with for many years. Many are so pleased with their new shoes they simply have to write to tell us all about their love affair with our footwear.

"Great right out of the box. Cute and sharp looking at the same time,
I intend to be a repeat customer."
Jo, Seattle, WA

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