Pillow soft underfoot cushioning
The unique comfort cushioning, combined with clever features like padded insoles, collars and tongues, means your feet will feel pampered with every step you take.
Lightweight & Lovely
Imagine millions of tiny air bubbles crowded under your feet; then imagine the light, supportive bounce you'll enjoy every time you take a step... simply lovely.
Timeless Styling
Hotter Originals
Fittings to Suit
We understand that finding footwear which hugs your feet, feels as light as air and allows your feet to breathe is a right not a privilege - which is why our shoes come in sizes 3-9, with half sizes and extra wide fits to help you find the perfect fit.
Flexible Soles
The shoes you wear should work with your feet, not against them. Our flexible soles filled with tiny air bubbles that cushion every step, move as you do, whatever you're  doing.
Flexi Grooved Soles
Look out for flexi grooves that are specially designed to move as you do, giving you not only great looks, but support and feet that feel free.
Shhhh! It's Our Little Secret
Super Soft Leathers
The lightweight softness of Hotter shoes might take you by surprise. You don't 'break them in', you simply sink into their wonderful luxurious softness.
Rugged and Durable
Shoemakers Since 1959
We've been making shoes since 1959 here in our Lancashire factory, and to this day our constant strive for perfection and obsession with the smallest detail makes every Hotter shoe extra special.
Breathable Leathers
When your feet are tucked away in your shoes all day, our finest quality leathers, suedes and nubucks, along with antibacterial insoles, will help them feel fresh all  day.