Light Culinary
On a warm, bright, Summer day you want something light for lunch that's quick and easy so you have plenty of time to enjoy the glorious Summer sunshine. We asked the budding chefs amongst our customers to come up with some 'light' recipes for inspiration and to thank them for sharing their culinary skills three of the entries have won a pair of shoes!
· 4 x Salmon steaks (skinless boneless about
  140grams each)
· I medium whole egg
· I heaped tablespoon of dried tarragon
· 40g Cornflour
· Salt and pepper
· Either vegetable oil for shallow
  frying or light spray
· Oil if baking

Blitz the salmon finely, transfer in to a bowl and mix in egg, flour, tarragon and salt and black pepper to taste. Chill in the fridge for half an hour. Take a tablespoon of the mixture and form into a small fishcake, you should be able to make 16 cakes in total. You may find it easier to handle the mixture if you dust your hands with flour first. As you make the cakes either place them on a nonstick baking sheet or if you are frying them on a plate that is
dusted with flour. Shallow fry the cakes on both sides for 5 minutes each side or spray the cakes with oil and bake the cakes in the oven (180 fan) for 20 minutes.
· 750g boiled and cooled new potatoes
· 2 shallots
· 3 small gherkins
· 4 tablespoons low fat plain yoghurt
· Salt and pepper
· Paprika and chives to taste

Slice potatoes, in a separate bowl finely chop shallots and gherkins then mix into yoghurt. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Dress potatoes gently with the dressing so as to not break up the potatoes too much.

Beat together 2 eggs, small amount of water, break up 1 cooked mackeral fillet and add this to eggs. Cut up tomatoes and add these to mix, pour into hot frying pan. When starting to set, put under the grill to rise, sprinkle with pepper if liked. Gorgeous lunch served with salad and brown bread, high in omega 3 oils and protein.
Lightly fry some garlic and a spinkle of chilli flakes, add a squeeze of lemon and ribbons of courgette. Cook the gnocchi then after a few minutes add the gnocchi to the corguette and a spoonful of mascarpone, mix and serve. Eat and enjoy with a glass of sparkling wine and follow with a relaxing summer evening stroll in your favourite Hotter shoes!
For the next edition of Comfort Club we'd love to feature more of your fantastic recipes but this time we'd like recipes to keep us warm in the Winter. Simply send your 'Winter Warming' recipe to and you could see yours in the next edition.