Putting on the style
Does shopping for a living sound like a dream job …well stylist Carol McKitty does love her work, but there is a downside - steaming and ironing outfit, after outfit, after outfit!

In this edition of Comfort Club we give you a peak behind the scenes of the latest Hotter photo shoot, where Carol has worked her styling magic on the models, their clothes and, of course, their footwear.

"I love working with the Hotter team, it's always exciting to see the latest colours and styles and I look forward to the challenge of matching clothes and accessories to the different footwear categories," explained Carol who has styled Hotter's two seasonal shoots for the past six years. "I love the pale aqua and light beige shades for Spring, they are so on trend. Bright colour blocking, printed silk dresses and trousers are also coming through strong and it was good to see that Hotter's designers have made sure that there are lots of footwear options to complement these looks."

Carol works closely with Hotter's design team to ensure they are involved with the model's final look. "It's important I understand their vision of how the shoes will work with an outfit," added Carol, who lives in Stockport.
"We go through the catalogue page by page discussing how each shot should be styled. I'm careful to reflect the differences between the classic and contemporary shoes , switching from tailored styling for the classics to softer lines for contemporary. I'm always conscious that the clothes are comfortable, easy to wear and are appealing to Hotter customers."

Armed with notes, and lots of ideas, Carol had to create 44 outfits and the shopping began. But that proved to be a new challenge as photos for the Spring catalogue were taken in December - so shorts and summer skirts were thin on the ground!

Carol took seven days to complete her shopping trip using the internet and high street stores.

Every outfit was agreed and photographed in the studio before it was packed for shipping.

With the guarantee of long days, bright light and good weather in December, the Spring 2012 shoot took place in Cape Town. On arrival the team had a production meeting to determine which photos would be taken and when; at which point Carol's outfit photos came in handy and she had to unpack, steam and iron each one.

Versatile Carol was also in charge of hair and makeup for the models - again carefully matching the model's look to the classic or contemporary styling. "This added an extra half hour on the start of my day," said Carol, who was up and ready each day for 6am.

With up to six shots taken per day, and having to keep a close eye on the models to make sure they were looking fresh and crease free for each shot, Carol was kept so busy that it wasn't until the final night when the team went out to celebrate that she had time to style herself!
Carol gives the finishing touchCreative Manager Joanna Houghton was the 'athletic' stand in for this location... and here is the final photo with model Vikki.
Carol's tip!
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