When we asked who was Hotter's biggest fan we were delighted and surprised by the number of entries.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to tell us your own Hotter experience, we loved reading each one.
Here's the winning entry from Catherine Thorp - and a few of our favourites.

If you think you are Hotter's biggest fan please send in your photos and stories to weloveshoes@hotter.com.
The wight shoes 
Our winner
Your Haze walking boots are comfortable from the word go, and mine have just completed a walk I thought was impossible for me, the 27 mile sponsored Walk the Wight 2013 in aid of our local hospice.

This walk is the breadth of the Isle of Wight and this year the weather was varied too - beautiful spring sunshine in the morning, leading up to driving wind, rain and thick mist in the afternoon. Throughout, my boots coped beautifully, keeping my feet comfortable and dry. I was so elated when I completed the walk in a very decent time.

I now plan to take my boots gorge walking in Crete, and I will be wearing Hotter sandals by the hotel pool, and in the tavernas in the evening. Even my slippers are Hotter!

Thank you for making footwear I can trust.

Catherine Thorp, Isle of Wight, UK
Stable choice
I'm a cancer patient taking morphine for pain which disrupts my balance and I often fall. I ordered a pair of your shoes and as of today I have not fallen one time. Your shoes are very comfortable and never hurt my feet. Hotter shoes stabilize my balance and are worth every cent. I now own five pair of your shoes and wear them daily.

Mary Jo Jerue, Antelope, CA USA
Colourful collector
I always loved shoes - collected them like colorful stamps. That is I used to love shoes before I was pulled sideways off a pair of heels while dancing in a conga line. Crack! Torn tendons made sure I wouldn't love any type of shoe for a long while. For years, I wore hikers - sturdy, big, and totally unacceptable to style-conscious me.

One day online I spotted Hotter Shoes. Thought I'd try sandals. They were comfy, didn't anger my tendons, and looked FAB! Got them in red. Hmmm. I detected a trend. Thought I'd try closed toe, low-heel models. More comfort, style and happy feet.

Now my hiking clodhoppers are pushed into a dusty corner of the closet. At the forefront, I see red, apple green, rosy satin, light turquoise, and yellow - comfy, stylish Hotter Shoes with names like Easy, Candice, Nirvana, and more.

Happy feet! Happy me!

Mary Ann Unger, Henderson, NV, USA.
Well travelled

As a family we have been buying and wearing Hotter shoes for years: myself, my husband, our son (aged 18 years) and my Mum (aged 84 years).

My latest purchase has however gone a lot further afield - at the moment my husband is working in Turkey and needing a new pair of shoes, what did he do? Go locally and buy a pair? No, he asked me to "buy a pair of nice, black Hotter shoes" to send him!
They travelled about 1,800 miles at a cost of @ £17.00 courtesy of Royal Mail! But he got them safely and loves them, so it was worthwhile, particularly as he is spending a lot of time on his feet.

Angela Erdogdu, Stevenage, UK
Shoe mad!
I have always been famous for my shoe collection - I have literally hundreds of pairs of shoes, and every winter and summer my poor husband has to go up and down to the loft several times to swap over the two season's shoes and boots! I think it is a disease!

I find that I can no longer wear the fashionable high heels that I used to love... until someone introduced me to Hotter Comfort Concept shoes, which I now absolutely LOVE!!

Not only are they hugely comfortable and don't make my feet ache, there is also a wide choice of styles, many of which are right on trend so that I can be comfortable whilst also being stylish. My bunion is accommodated without me having to look like a frumpy old lady and there are some wonderful colours (other shoe shops only seem to do black and brown!)

Every season I buy tens of pairs of your shoes and boots, and I suspect I have nearly as many now as some of your shops!! I am a walking advert for Hotter and get many admiring comments from other women (even patients!)... I have given out many of your introduce a friend cards, and recommended many people to check out your website.

Dr Catherine Sykes by email