Gift Vouchers

Do you sell gift vouchers?
From August 2016, we no longer sell gift vouchers. Any gift vouchers purchased before this time can be redeemed in store or through the Mail Order service for up to two years from the issue date on the voucher.

How do I redeem Hotter gift vouchers?
Every Hotter gift voucher includes a unique code so that it can be spent via our Mail Order service. When you're ready to order, just give us a call on Freephone 1 866 378 7811 and we'll place your order for you. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept gift vouchers as payment on our website.

Can I redeem gift vouchers in conjunction with Hotter offers/discounts?
Yes you can.

Can I buy gift vouchers using Hotter promotional offers/discounts?
No, Gift vouchers may not be purchased in full or as part of promotional offers.