We always hear fascinating stories from our fans, but when customer advisor Aimee Lockwood heard this story, she decided to turn it into art. One customer from our Edinburgh store told us that she left her shoes in the garden to find that one shoe had been stolen by a fox!

Aimee decided to use her talent and draw the story as a comic strip of colourful illustrations. Aimee told us, 'I got to thinking about what reasons a fox could have for stealing comfortable footwear and that led to the comic. It was too good a story not to draw.'

Coming from a very creative family in Caithness, North Scotland, Aimee has always had a passion for art. She developed her skills whilst in Edinburgh studying English Literature at university. 'I started taking it more seriously once I moved away. My friends and I would sit drawing in cafes, trying to illustrate the books we were studying. This made me realise how much I loved illustration.'

Last year Aimee completed an HND in illustration at Edinburgh's Telford College. 'I learned to be experimental with the media I used and developed my skills simply by doing lots of drawing. I draw everything and everywhere.' Aimee finds the sea is an inspiration to her as well as cities, literature, science and nature. She prefers to use traditional forms of media like pen, ink, acrylic paint and collage.
Being an avid Hotter fan, Aimee really enjoys her job. 'Working on illustrations at home is a pretty solitary activity,' says Aimee. 'My job at Hotter gets me talking to lots of different people, which is great! I love Hotter styles Mabel and Topaz. I would have them in every colour!'

Aimee has plans for a career in illustration. 'I'd love to work freelance on illustrating children's picture books,' she says. Last year Aimee's work was published in Edinburgh's Lauriston Castle's events programme. To see Aimee's illustrations you can go to her online portfolio (www.aimeelockwood.co.uk). She also has an online blog, (www.aimeelockwood.wordpress.com).