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Discover the Secret of Comfortable Shoes

Stylish women's shoes with added comfort

Comfort can mean anything to anyone – a roaring fire on a winter's evening; a big hug from your loved one or wrapping your hands around a mug of hot tea! At Hotter we believe nothing can be more comforting than the feeling of being barefoot and walking on air and nothing beats the feeling of putting on your first pair of Hotter shoes.

That 'Hotter moment' is a simple expression of the joy of finding shoes to fall in love with. It starts with the stylish designs that grab your attention – a bright colour, a touch of appliqué, a cute button on our women's shoes – without the great looks the love affair could never begin!

Inspired women's shoes

Our designers scour the world for their inspiration, from the sidewalks of New York, to the catwalks of Milan they watch trends, identify colours, they forecast fashions. And they bring back to our UK home an understanding of the winning women's shoes and men's shoes to 'hotterise' so that our customers can walk in style, and comfort, in the seasons to come.

Because comfort is so important, every aspect of a Hotter shoe is given individual attention to guarantee the ultimate, lightweight comfort feel. Some elements you'll see straight away – beautiful soft leathers, padded heels – but we keep some discretely hidden away, so the only way to tell is when you slip the shoe onto your foot … and we know that's the moment you'll break into a smile!

Millions of bubbles make our shoes comfy

Imagine... most Hotter shoes have millions of air bubbles, each one designed to contract and cushion your foot as you walk, and all combined to make our shoes the lightest you'll ever find. With our women's shoes and men's shoes you are literally walking on air!

We discretely hide some of the depth in our shoes so, just like Dr Who's TARDIS, they are bigger on the inside than they appear on the outside! This clever design means that your shoes still have sleek, stylish good looks, but they have enough space for your toes to wiggle and stretch. And with the extra wide fitting options you are guaranteed a perfect fit every time.

Padding around the ankles and tongues of our footwear means our shoes hug your feet – it's a gentle yet secure feeling. And you can rest assured that we only use the finest quality leathers and nubucks in our footwear, natural products with natural linings so your feet will stay fresh all day long.

Insoles are removable – even on some of our sandals – a huge bonus if you need to insert an orthotic or simply if you want to take them out to air your shoes each night.

Irresistibly comfortable shoes

Finally we offer shoes in half sizes and extra wide fittings, so we can help you get the perfect fit every time and you'll find lace-ups, slip-ons shoes with buckles and touch-close fastenings in our Hotter collection.

We know that you are probably as passionate about buying shoes as we are at about making them – which is why we know that every time you return to Hotter you'll find something new, exciting, and incredibly comfortable to fall in love with.