Finding the perfect pair
Mel and Jenni from our PR team at Hotter HQ visited our
Peterborough and Carmarthen stores earlier this season
to help find local bloggers their perfect pair.
(L-R) Karen from
with Mel and Jenni and the baby #HotterBus!
Our lovely new blogger friends joined us for drinks and nibbles before learning about our history, the secret Comfort Concept® features we hide in our shoes and how we make them in our Lancashire factory. Then they went shopping! They fell in love with the bright, fun colours of our Spring/Summer styles and are already excited to see what's coming for Autumn/Winter.
Embrace Happy blogger Karin couldn't decide between bright styles Heather or Mabel
"How do I choose just one pair?"
On Twitter...
On Twitter...
"Had a great time at the @HotterShoes event tonight in Peterborough! Thank you for having me."
"Thank you @HotterShoes for a great night and helping me find the #perfectpair"
"I found my #perfectpair hooray! Thanks @HotterShoes (I may have picked up another pair too...)"
"What a lovely experience trying on shoes @hottershoes #Carmarthen has been. Thank you for my #PerfectPair"
On Instagram...
On Instagram...
Lisa from found lots of pairs she loved in our Carmarthen store!
Caught On Camera
Sabina from picked out vintage inspired heel Rumba in our Peterborough store and mum Jan chose summer sandal Maisie!
Normally a flat shoe wearer, Sally from was amazed at how comfortable wedge style Hattie was.
Laura from fell in love with smart heel Donna and had her Hotter moment with wonderful wedge Dawn.