We love hearing how people fall in love with Hotter shoes. It could be a recommendation from a friend, a visit to the newest Hotter store in town or meeting a fellow comfy shoe wearer on their travels.

Recently we invited some of our favourite bloggers into our Glasgow store for a chance to discover a new pair of shoes to fall in love with. We were delighted to see their reaction to our newest collection, so we thought we'd share their experience with you.

Enjoy our brief videos of Ellen, Rachel and Lis explaining what attracted them to their newest pair of Hotter shoes. Thanks to them for taking part... and you for watching!
Vintage Valetta
Blogger Ellen Arnison from "In a bun dance" www.ellenarnison.com, has several pairs of Hotter shoes. She chose a new pair of our lovely vintage Valetta shoes.
Active Styles
Rachel Gillon, who blogs at aweepinchofsugar.wordpress.com, tried lots of pairs of active shoes and found a pair of sandals for her Summer break. If you’re looking for an active style for a busy holiday this season Star could be perfect for you.
Lace-up Leanne
Lis Ferla from lastyearsgirl.pixlet.net fell in love with Hotter lace-up Leanne, thanks to their pretty colours and soles filled with millions of bubbles which made her feel like she was walking on air.