Can we have a word?

Have you seen our Get Comfortable campaign? It’s designed to challenge stereotypes that say women over 50 should blend into the background; we celebrate all women ‘of a certain age’ as successful, fearless and comfortable in their own skin. To support the campaign we’ve worked with Sky to create a series of ‘Word Up’ films showing women from all walks of life discussing their experiences.


‘Uncomfortable shoes put me in a bad mood’


The conversation starts with a word - Comfort, Ageing, Success, Beauty, Bravery — and takes us through a wealth of emotions, thoughts and feelings. We’d love to introduce you to our quartet of ladies Emma, Sheila, Amey and Emmanuelle


"I feel much happier in my skin now

than I ever did at 25, now that I’m 55"



‘Success is about personal acceptance and looking for happiness’


The last word goes to Emma, who said: “Uncomfortable shoes put me in a bad mood.” 
Improve your mood, enjoy our full, comfortable, collection.