Marianne, Susan and Jenni all played a starring role helping us with our recent TV campaign - Susan even starred in the advert herself! When we met them for a day of filming, we soon discovered their hidden talents.
When we discovered that Hotter fan Marianne had once appeared on stage with Richard Gere we simply had to find out more!

Marianne started acting at the age of 20 after attending drama school and has appeared in 21 musicals. When she played Sandy in the original theatre version of Grease she met Richard Gere and enjoyed a whirlwind romance, she told Comfort Club "he used to take me out on his Triumph 650 motorcycle after the shows"!

Now as a busy councillor in Southport, Marianne has also appeared in the hit musical Billy with Michael Crawford taking over the part from Elaine Page. "My all time favourite show was the 1960's hit musical Hair, which was amazing," said Marianne who in 1975 performed in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance as part of the cast of 'Billy'. "Unfortunately I didn't get to meet the Queen but did meet Prince Charles in 1977 when I was in the musical 'The History of Mr Polly' alongside Roy Castle."

During her career MarianneMarianne has mingled with the rich and famous, in 1977 she appeared in 'England England' with Bob Hoskins playing Frances Kray, the wife of Reggie Kray. "One night as Bob was looking out into the audience he noticed there were more people in the cast then the audience so rebooked everyone's tickets for another night and took them all to the local pub for a drink", she told us laughing.
Running enthusiast Susan Robinson from Leeds earned herself the title of Ladies Champion 2011 in the Yorkshire Dales race series this year and we met up with her to hear all about it.

Owner of 20 Susanpairs of Hotter shoes Susan developed a passion for running after taking part in the 5k Race for Life in May 2008 without any training. She was so amazed at her results she went onto complete more 5k and then a couple of 10k After her husband suggested that she 'push herself' , Susan started trying to improve her time and by Autumn 2009 Susan was winning prizes - although each success came as a complete surprise to this modest athlete. Spurred on in 2011 Susan became Ladies champion in the Yorkshire Dales Race Series.

Susan loves every training run she does and frequently runs over 20 miles on a weekend. Susan's top tip for aspiring runners is "start with what is manageable for who you are and where you are at (physically and emotionally) and then build it up steadily over time. The greatest thing about running is that it does (truly!) get easier and more pleasurable over time."

And when Susan returns from a run, her favourite thing to help her wind down and relax is to slip into her favourite Hotter slippers.
Former ChristianJenni Dior and Yves St Laurent model Jenni Rhodes discovered a talent for jewellery making five years ago after offering to fix a necklace for her sister.

Jenni now runs her own business and when she needs to make her jewellery stand out from the crowd, she uses her modelling expertise to strike the perfect pose! Jenni was inspired to start making necklaces after watching her friend make her own when she lived in Los Angeles for 20 years. After moving back to London in 2000, having studied fashion at The Guildford School of Art and Textile Design, Jenni put her creative skills to work to set up her own business.

"I carefully craft each necklace bringing the individual colours, shapes and textures of the beads together to make them magically appear like they are clinging to each other" said Jenni. "I love to create beautiful pendants made with faux pearls, crystals and glass, and even can customise them for special occasions."

When she's not carefully crafting jewellery Jenni is still modelling and was recently dressed and accessorised for a photo shoot by celebrity stylist Gok Wan. In her 50 years as a model Jenni worked as a fitting model for Jaegar for 8 years in the 1960's, she then went on to become the brand's fashion show coordinator. Later she launched her own children's wear label, designing the clothes herself and selling to Harrods, Fenwicks and the Au Printemps in Paris!