When you've planned, and saved, and looked forward to that special holiday every minute is precious - so make sure you choose footwear to keep your feet happy from dusk till dawn.
In a recent survey into the footwear choices of 2,000 women we discovered that nearly two thirds of female holidaymakers have experienced pain from new shoes. And 60 per cent of women carry plasters with them because they expect a blister or a cut from their shoes. With more than half the women surveyed buying new shoes to take on holiday we thought it was time to ask the experts for their advice to find shoes to avoid the holiday blues.

"Smart and comfortable footwear you can rely on is probably the most essential part of holiday packing. There's nothing worse than wanting to spend time seeing the sights or going from beach to bar and being let down by sore, achy feet," said Kim Denton, who designs our sporty and smart shoes. "Lightweight shoes with underfoot cushioning will keep you on your feet longer; if you're going somewhere hot then your feet may swell so look for adjustability and natural leather uppers to help your feet breathe."

"We design comfort into every pair of shoes we make so the great thing about Hotter is there's lots of choice, giving you an opportunity to focus on your individual style," added Designer Carolyn Irvine who's passionate about classic and casual comfort. "I'd advise travellers to plan their wardrobe; lay out everything you intend to take and you'll probably find there's a lot of excess baggage! If you're going somewhere warm and sunny then select a wardrobe of neutrals in cool cottons and linens that you can mix and match but why not be extravagant and experiment with a splash of colourful accessories - Hibiscus, Kingfisher or Mimosa Yellow look amazing. If a city break is on your travel itinerary, then take a pair of trusted shoes you know won't let you down - in fact why not travel in them too and you'll probably only need to pack one smart pair for that special night out on the town!"
Carolyn says: "For sheer versatility try the beach-to-dining chic of our beautiful espadrille wedge Gaby. This sandal combines va-va-voom with underfoot padding and soft leather lined suede uppers." Shop Gaby ›
Kim says: "I designed Harper with on-the-go comfort in mind; from the Spanish Steps to the Taj Mahal, when you-ve planned a busy few days trying to cram in each delicious sight you need the support of its cushioning sole and the breathability of its sporty mesh lining." Shop Harper ›
Carolyn says: "Divine is a great holiday essential; new to Hotter it includes a deep, cork footbed for lightness and added comfort underfoot. Its relaxed, natural styling offers a casual beach look that-s equally at home as you tour the sights."
Shop Divine ›
We have also added two new toepost sandals to our Summer range. Gorgeous styles Borneo and Java are cleverly designed to assist with leg toning and to help boost circulation with every step you take, thanks to their unique take-off and landing pods.
Smart tips for holiday feet