New Year, New You!
The start of a New Year is the perfect time to set yourself some goals to help make it your best year yet! You may want to get fit, visit an exotic location, try something adventurous or learn a new language.

If you haven't set yourself any goals for 2014 we'd love to help you out. Here are some top tips from some of our bloggers for getting fit and active...
Remember that it all counts - racing the kids to the end of the road, playing tag at the park, running through the leaves, walking the dog, doing the housework with the music full blast so you can bop along - it all counts as exercise. And it's more fun than a gym membership or an exercise bike!

Cheryl Pasquier from Madhouse Family Reviews
Choose an accountability buddy, it can be an online friend, a co-worker or a family member. Assign someone to text you every day and ask if you worked out and what you did. Trust me, you won't feel comfortable lying if you didn't exercise, so this ends up making you exercise just so you can impress your buddy!

Another top tip is celebrate your achievements, if you lost a few pounds this month, spoil yourself with a manicure, a massage or a shopping trip to choose a new outfit (or maybe just a new pair of shoes!).

Ellen Ross from Ask Away
My top tip for getting fit and active is to start doing Zumba. It is a really fun way to get fit and it doesn't feel at all like hard work - more like fun. The music is so cheerful and lively you can't help but want to shake those hips! I used to go to classes but now I do Zumba on my Wii console, I highly recommend everyone gives it a go.

Kim from My Mummy Reviews
Put an added spring in your step with a pair of stylish shoes from our active collection. With lightweight, flexible soles filled with millions of tiny air bubbles your feet will feel revitalised and ready to help you get fit. And you'll look great and feel amazing too!

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