So what's been happening in Peter's world since we first heard about his 'Race the Sun' challenge'?

Well with just three months to go to the big event he's been busy cycling, running and taking up the unusually named 'Tabata Training', he explains more.

"Tabata is a Japanese technique that involves high intensity interval training," said Peter. "It's very challenging but is really helping me improve my strength and stamina."

Peter is planning to complete the 'Race the Sun' event in August to raise money for Action Medical Research and will be completing a 50 mile bike ride, a run up Helvellyn and will then canoe across Lake Thirlmere. The event begins at dawn and has to be completed by sunset.
"It's been hard starting the running and cycling training, but I've managed to do some of both most weekends. My first challenge is the "Uptonogood" on 15th June, and a first test to see how far I've progressed. It is a 46 mile cross country bike race through the Ridegway starting at Upton in Oxfordshire, taking in the Ginges, the Ilsleys, Blewbury and a lovely section in Upton itself where 'you turn left out of the Village Hall and take the right down Pound Lane, left into Stream Road and straight on down Frog Alley!' Our team, which also includes my (older and wiser) brother and two (older but not wiser) friends, will be taking part in this endurance event and it promises to be a real benchmark to see how far I've progressed and how far I have to go too!"

If you would like to make a donation just log onto Peter and his team's online sponsorship page at // and follow the link or visit one of our 53 Hotter stores nationwide, where you'll find an Action Medical Research collection box.
About Action Medical Research:
Action Medical Research began its life in 1952 with Duncan Guthrie and his desire to find a cure for polio. Since then their funding has led to a number of the most amazing breakthroughs in children's health including:
Action Medical Research For Children
  • Discovering the importance of taking folic acid before and during pregnancy to prevent spina bifida.
  • Developing the use of ultrasound technology in pregnancy.
  • Creating the Matrix Seating System to help support physically disabled children as they grow.
  • Testing the rubella vaccine.
  • Helping to relive pain for severely disabled children.
Race The Sun