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When we wanted to get under the skin of what makes women so happy when they wear Hotter shoes there was really only one place for us to find out more - our customers. So we brought a group together to share their thoughts and we were so delighted with what we discovered that their words became the inspiration for our new advert. What's more we even recruited real customers to take part!

Proud to be Hotter
Airing this season, the new Hotter advert features the words and thoughts of the people who wear our shoes - living life to the full and stepping out in comfort every single day. We're proud of every word that these amazing ladies shared with us - in fact four of them impressed us so much that they feature on the advert themselves. You can catch a glimpse of Susan, Christy, Lucy and Steph in our advert, who along with Joan, Jenni and Marianne,enjoyed a day behind the scenes at the Hotter TV advert shoot. Following an early start for hair and makeup, these seven ladies spent a day being filmed talking about Hotter shoes, wearing them and even dancing in them alongside three actresses who are Hotter enthusiasts themselves. Hours of footage were edited to just thirty seconds where we had the incredibly difficult task of summarising everything they had told us about Hotter into just a few simple phrases.
Meet our stars
Not every lady was able to feature in the advert - we wish they could have, but our advert would have turned into a full blown film. But do you know what? Each one is a star to us - so we're turning some of them into the stars of! We hope you enjoy watching their videos below, and if you'd like to let us know what you think about Hotter shoes why not upload a video of yourself onto our Facebook page, who knows maybe next time the star could be you!
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Susan Robinson
Joan Shawcross
Here come the experts!
There's no better way of finding out more about Hotter shoes than by listening to the experts - the people who wear them. Meet some of the ladies who were filmed for our TV advert - you'll not see them all in the advert, but to us they deserve a starring role.

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Jenni Rhodes
Marianne Welsh
Behind the Sceens
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