If you're looking for a simple exercise routine to boost your energy and fitness levels but don't fancy tackling anything too strenuous, why not try walking? It's free, easy, suitable for all ages and can help improve your general health and wellbeing.
With the NHS Live Well Scheme advising that walking 10,000 steps a day will significantly improve your health we decided to challenge four Hotter employees to see exactly how easy it would be. Armed with pedometers Liz, Rachel, Tracey and Jenni set off on their challenge!
Liz works in our mail room and has worked at Hotter for 10 years. She manages all the post coming in and going out of Hotter headquarters. Liz used her pedometer every day during the challenge and walked an average of 8,264 steps a day, she said "I really wanted to beat 10,00 steps a day, from now on I think I'll get off the bus a stop earlier after work and walk the rest of the way home to help reach my target."
Rachael works in our warehouse and helps
to dispatch your lovely new shoes from our
factory straight to your door. "Walking a lot in work really keeps me feeling active and full of energy, and keeps me motivated to do even more exercise outside of work" she told us. On average she walked 15,353 steps a day, phew, well done Rachel!
Managing our Exeter store Tracey May keeps a smile on her face and a spring in her step when wearing her favourite Hotter shoes. During the week we set the challenge Tracey walked 12,011 steps a day! She told us "I really love keeping fit and was surprised at how many steps I actually take a day, I'll be using my pedometer at weekends too from now on."
Jenni is our PR Assistant and looks after everything from writing articles for Comfort Club to speaking to our customers on our Facebook page. "I really enjoyed wearing the pedometer and seeing how many steps I take, knowing how beneficial walking can be for your general health I'll certainly be looking into ways to step this up", Jenni said. On average she walked 2,237 steps a day, a little more to go we think!
• Think first about your posture, stand taller and straight, let your arms swing and feel yourself breathing more deeply.
• Each time you go for a walk, see if you can go just a little bit further. If you can get to the end of the road, try walking just around the corner and increase this   each time.
• As you walk maintain and improve your core stability - as you breathe out gently pull your lower tummy muscles in and lift your pelvic floor muscles.
During your walking adventures why not do it in comfort and style with a pair of shoes from our Summer collection. New styles Harper and Fern will put a spring in your step and keep your feet feeling happy for miles and miles.
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