Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their bouncing baby boy, Prince George of Cambridge. While the nation celebrates the Royal arrival we thought we would ask some expert mummy bloggers for their top style tips for the new Royal mummy Catherine who is going to be rushed off her feet - but will want to look good too. Here's what they said.
Jewel for Autumn days
My recommendation for Kate would be to choose herself a pair of Jewel shoes ready for the Autumn months. With a new baby to take for long walks and lots of public appointments to attend she would find these stylish cushioned shoes the perfect footwear. In black they are versatile to team up with any
outfit and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The last thing you need when you are a new mum is aching feet and these Hotter shoes will not let her down!

Michelle from
'Mummy from the Heart'
Smart and sophisticated
My suggestion for Kate's post-pregnancy shoe is 'Chantel' in ink blue. Firstly , the shoes look really comfy but fashionable at the same time because of the sophisticated bow on the front. The shoe has wiggle room for toes so she will not have to worry about the shoes being too tight if her feet have swollen a bit through pregnancy. Kate is sure to be doing lots of walking now the baby is here as she can push her adorable little Prince around the garden in his pushchair and not have to wince in pain from wearing heels but instead each step can be in comfort whilst wearing Chantel!

Best wishes,
Kim from
For fun, for style
I have two suggestions: Jewel shoes, as she's just given birth to a future King and Gaby wedges simply because she would still look and feel as stylish as ever whist keeping her feet comfy as she enjoys being a busy mummy.

Thanks Tracy from
Stylish young mum
I know most new mums are lucky if they manage to get out of their slippers and into a pair of flip-flops, but the Duchess of Cambridge isn't most new mums.

Her feet are immaculately dressed in heels - always high. Sometimes she's in patent nudes and other times in wedges.

Now Kate is going to take some adjusting to life as a new mum, but as her stylish appearance at the hospital door illustrates, she's not about to be spotted in a pair of trainers or some old flats any day soon.

Therefore I'd suggest that Kate might love Hotter's stylish, but oh-so-comfy wedges Gaby or Hellie.

Ellen Arnison from
Out and about
All Hotter shoes we've tried are really comfortable, so I'd recommend them to any new mums or mums during their pregnancy really.

Kate is a public figure who's kept her style all the way through her pregnancy, so I thought that these shoes from Hotter would be perfect for her. The Gaby wedges have pillow soft cushioning and the adjustable slingback strap has a discreet stretch, which would be perfect for her to attend royal events and special occasions.

Emilia sandals are probably more suitable for her to wear on private occasions as it doesn't seem like what she'd wear in public, but the style is popular for comfort, enhance leg exercise and improve circulation which is important for new mums, and they are so pretty!

Thanks Angela from angelathisislife
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