Prep your feet for sandal season
With the warmer months looming, there's no better time to put your best foot forward and tidy up those tootsies, ready for their first public appearances.

It's important to remember that how your feet look says a lot about you, so don't ignore these little marvels of biological engineering that have been hibernating through the winter months, in boots, socks and shoes. Follow these tips to not only get your feet ready for summer, but to ensure that you have healthy, soft and beautiful feet all year round:

1. Keep them clean - Ensure your feet are clean at all times. Make it a routine to wash your feet every day in warm soapy water - rinse with cool water before drying thoroughly, especially between the toes.

2. Moisturise - After washing, apply foot cream to keep feet soft and nourished and remember to rub it in well everywhere. Wait a while before putting on socks though, as dampness between the toes can cause problems such as athlete's foot.

3. Scrub - When washing your feet, use a foot scrubber at least once a week. Concentrate on dry, hard areas of skin and you'll soon soften them.

4. Cut and smooth - Use nail clippers to keep your nails short and straight, leaving no sharp edges. You can smooth down the edges with a nail file, ensuring they look neat and tidy.

5. UV Protection - Exposing any part of your body to direct sunlight presents risks from UV radiation, so when wearing open women's shoes or women's sandals don't forget to apply sunscreen to your feet.

6. Shoes - We spend half of our lives on our feet so it is important to look after and protect them. To maintain healthy feet invest in good quality women's shoes, which are comfortable and supporting, and most of all make sure they fit correctly; poor fitting footwear and prolonged use of killer heels can cause or worsen numerous foot health problems including corns, callus and bunions.

Once your feet are fit to bare, dress them accordingly, and choose your summer shoes carefully. Light, airy women's sandals are ideal in warmer weather, and if you are planning lots of walking or activity make sure they are comfortable and have plenty of adjustment in case feet swell slightly during the day. Supportive, shock absorbing soles will help you keep a spring in your step whilst leather uppers offer great breathability and freshness.

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