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When we commissioned research to help us improve our products and service we were surprised to discover that over half the men we spoke to were unlikely to buy a pair of shoes without the approval of the lady in their life.

So we invited some of our favourite bloggers to create a new style for their beloved husbands - from the feet up! Discover what shoes they think would make a difference...
Boots to make him smile
Viking Boots
"I love my husband to the end of the world and back but he can be, shall we say, a bit of a grumpy old so and so at times. I have come to realise over the past few years that my husband is actually just like my children when it comes to his moods. I need to ensure that he gets enough sleep, eats regularly, gets fresh air and feels comfortable. A pair of Viking Boots would really help with the last two on my list. Perfect for getting out in comfort and warmth with no soggy toes at this time of year. That would really put a smile on his face!"
A smart-casual approach
"If you caught my husband with his eyes shut and asked what he was wearing, he wouldn't have a clue. For the most part, his lack of vanity is charming - but there are times when, well, it isn't.

"Smart-casual is a concept he just doesn't understand. Try as I might, he won't see what's wrong with black lace-ups paired with shorts or plastic sandals worn in public (he says they're comfy).

"Therefore, the only thing that remains is to present him with shoes that are smart and casual yet so comfy he'll ditch the nasty sandals. Hotter Energise will do the job."
Weekend style for active family days
Hyacynth Worth is a blogger from the USA, who writes at and is married to John. A journalist by nature and profession she tells us: "I've been on a special assignment from the Great Editor and Chief covering the foreign land of motherhood for six years. At Undercover Mother, I uncover subjects
like marriage, style, faith, healthy living, self-identity and how they all intersect in motherhood." She said:
"My husband has come a long way in his sense of style (think hoodies, cargo pants and a camera case clipped to his belt) since we met in Egypt our senior year of college, morphing from college-frat boy wear to polished business professional attire.

"But weekend wear can still be tricky - capturing style and matching it with the comfort we expect from days off, which is why I'd choose the Link shoes in Chocolate Waxed Nubuck for our weekend adventures. I love the casual, sporty look of this solid slip-on shoe and the promise of comfort and flexibility - the perfect blend of comfort and style for my attractive, active hubby and dad of two little boys."
A new look for Lee!
"I have been lusting after Hotter shoes since I reviewed the brogues that always secures me compliments. I am currently drooling over some Cheshire Boots for myself. However I have also found myself perusing the men's section. Lee sticks to the same style of shoes and I would like to see him sporting a different look.

"I have to be a bit stealth with Lee as he sticks to the same clothes too. So I surreptitiously buy him different brands or styles and pop them into his wardrobe. Therefore I did chuckle to myself when Hotter carried out some research and found more than half of men wouldn't buy shoes without the betters half's input.

"Lee likes to get good wear out of what he buys and has not changed size in the past 17 years. It was only a few years ago I persuaded him to throw out a pair of shorts he had been wearing each summer for 15 years! I am sure they would have soon disintegrated in the very next wash. But knowing how much he likes quality and products that stand the test of time I am sure he would covet these formal Delta shoes.

However I would rock the boat by choosing Brown as an alternative to Black which he always gets. I know they would look fab with the suits that he wears to work."
6 point engineered comfort
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