Meet Team Keynko
Meet Team Keynko
Three generations of shoe lovers are now part of the Hotter blogger family. We challenged mum Mary, daughter Evie and mum in law Ann to test out the comfort of our shoes in a series of activities in a selection of shoes. But first let's meet them.
Meet Mary!
"I started blogging in November 2011 and haven't stopped since, I wanted to share with the world our family life and my love for crafts" said Mary. "Through my blog I have met some of the most amazing people that I never usually would have come into contact with.

"I have several pairs of Hotter shoes at the moment, one of which is a pair of Leanne which I wear for Zumba classes 3 times a week. They are the most comfortable things I own and have been all over the place, they are smart enough to be dressed up but not so smart that they can't be worn with jeans.

"I've told all my friends about Hotter, in fact anyone who will listen!"
Meet Ann!
"I love Hotter shoes, I had a pair of boots some years ago and wore them everywhere, they are the most comfortable shoes!" Ann told us. "When I'm not stepping out in my Hotter shoes I'm baking cakes for the family, sewing, knitting and sitting down with a good book.

"This season I've got my eye on some more shoes in the new collection, Honiton and Periwinkle look lovely... hmmm, what to do."
Meet Evie!
"The team at Hotter kindly sent me a pair of Trek GORE-TEX® boots to review and I was really excited to test them out this Winter. I'll wear them on long walks in the woods and I'm looking forward to having dry feet on the walk to college!" said Evie.

"When I'm not at college I love to dance, which is my passion, baking, reading, and long walks in the countryside, which I'll enjoy even more now with Trek on my feet."

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Summer Of Fitness
Summer of fitness
This Summer, Mary set herself the challenge of attending Zumba classes twice a week and to help her we delivered Mary a pair of Leanne to dance away in. With plenty of spring in the sole and cushioning to support her ankles she was ready to get fit in style.
Autumn Walks
Autumn Walks
Lucky enough to live near Dedham Vale, the three love to go on country walks along with their beautiful dog Holly, who unfortunately doesn't have a pair but loves to be photographed! Ann and Evie were the testers this time and gave their Mystery and Trek boots a thorough review.
Here's a few of Team Keynko's tweets
My @Hottershoes took me all the way to the seat of power today! Thank you comfy soles! Xx
Just waiting for Zumba to start! Comfy shoes are a must!
@BernsteinIV is loving the new boots! Thank you @Hottershoes
My @Hottershoes are going to carry me around the zoo today! All day on my feet walking - only choice to make for comfort!