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We love talking to our customers, seeing their photos, sharing our latest Hotter news and finding out what they're getting up to in their Hotter shoes. We particularly love doing this on our Facebook and Twitter pages and now on Google +. We're pretty new to Google + so if you're already using this social networking site, please come and say hello!
When self-taught artist Amanda followed us on our new Google + page online, her beautiful paintings that she talked about to her friends soon caught our eye. We simply had to find out more about her passion for art...

Hotter fan Amanda, who's favourite artist is Cezanne, has been painting nearly all her life and loves to explore the outdoors looking for inspiration. Lucky enough to be in walking distance of the Hampshire Downs, this has become one of Amanda's favourite places to visit and paint. She told us: “When the weather is warm enough, I pack up my painting kit up and head for the hills.
I like to paint from life, and when you're painting landscapes you learn to capture what you see by creating effects with light and colour, it gives me a bit of exercise too".

Painting with oils, applied with a knife, straight from the tube, Amanda loves the practical advantage of working with oils on the hillside, no mess and no tidying up! Her favourite countryside painting is 'Watership Down', a hill in the Hampshire Downs which is well known as the setting for Richard Adam's 1972 famous novel. And after she finished painting this famous hill, Amanda didn't pack up and go home, she turned straight around to face the opposite direction and started another painting of Cottington's Hill.

When she's not painting Amanda likes to write about her art on her blog, have a look and you'll find out about her latest painting projects -

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