Hotter shoes are packed with hidden comfort features and we love to share this comfort with you! But when you're reading our catalogue and our website have you ever wondered what a contoured footbed or microfibre heel grip might be? We thought we would give you an insight into some of the technical phrases and special terms we use when describing the huge selection of comfort features we cram into each and every pair of our shoes. If we've missed anything out please let us know!


Adjustability - we carefully design our women's shoes and men's shoes with different types of adjustment to help them to fit your feet perfectly. Adjustable fastenings include zips, buckles, buttons and touch close fastening.

Air-filled soles - the soles of some of our comfortable shoes are made from a material called polyurethane which contains millions of tiny air bubbles - these contract when you walk on them to offer underfoot cushioning and are extremely lightweight helping to create the feeling of 'walking on air'.

Air mesh lining - an open weave textile that allows air to circulate around your feet.

Ankle collar - this part of the women's shoe or men's shoe fits snugly around your ankle, sometimes this can be padded for extra support and comfort.

Apron - this is the piece of leather that covers the top of the foot when there is seam which connects to the side of the upper, examples of this are women's shoe Breeze or men's shoe Bank.

Arch - this is the curved, raised part under your foot.

Arch Support - some Hotter shoes have built-in arch support. This is a small raised part on the inside of the shoe which gives additional support underneath the arch of your foot.


Boot - is a type of footwear which is usually worn in colder months to give added protection to your feet and legs. Boots can come in different lengths, such as ankle boots or knee length boots.

- leather, nubuck and suede are all natural, breathable materials, which means that when your feet perspire they allow the moisture to be taken away from your foot to the outside of the shoe - this ensures your feet don't get too hot.

Buckle - this is shoe fastening which helps with adjustability allowing you to adjust the length of the shoe strap. Some buckles on Hotter women's shoes are fastened by elastic adding extra adjustability.

Bunions - in the normal skeleton, the big toe is lined up with a long bone in the main part of the foot called the metatarsal. A bunion begins when this metatarsal bone starts to drift away from the rest of the foot. This may be caused by poor foot function, for example if the foot rolls in excessively (pronation). As the tendons which control the movement of the big toe no long work correctly, this causes the big toe to be pulled towards the second toe. If a bunion becomes painful, its best to seek advice from a registered podiatrist who can provide specialist insoles (orthoses) and protective devised to relieve pressure and pain. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to correct the bunion.


Canvas - a type of plain woven fabric usually made from cotton which can be brightly coloured and made into hardwearing summer shoes. Hotter have recently introduced canvas to their continuously expanding range of comfortable women's shoes.

Casual shoes - can be worn in the daytime, work or lunch with friends.

Character leather - this type of leather will age over time and develop character adding to the overall attractiveness of the material. Character leather is used in a small selection of Hotter shoes to add to their 'hand crafted' appeal.

Chiropodist - a foot health specialist who can diagnose and treat any problems with your feet. See also podiatrist.

Comfortable shoes - all of Hotter shoes are renown for the comfortable feeling you experience whilst wearing thanks to the myriad of design features our designers cleverly hide in them such as deep toe boxes, smooth internal seams and lightweight soles.

Contoured footbed - a contoured footbed mirrors the shape of a foot with extra support under arches - it is the shape a footprint would make if you walked in soft sand.

Contrast stitching - some of Hotter women's shoes and men's shoes feature stitching in a different colour to the leather as an attractive design feature.

Contrast trim - some of Hotter's women's shoes and men's shoes may include a trim of material in a contrasting or complementary colour or substance to enhance the design of the shoe.

Contrast underlay - this is when another colour appears underneath an upper on a women's shoe or a men's shoe to give added detail, for example a style may have little holes punched into the upper and have a contrasting colour showing through the punched detailing.

Cotton twill - a natural soft touch material used in the lining of women's handbags.

Cork covered wedge - natural cork material is used to cover some of our wedge heels to add to the attractiveness of the overall design, you can see this on styles such as Grace and Lauren.

Cotton insoles - some of our insoles are made from cotton. As cotton is a natural material the insoles should be cool and soft underfoot. Cotton insoles feature in our some of our women's canvas shoes.

Crystal effect - an embellishment added to some of our women's sandals which sparkles like crystals.

Cushioning - this element of Hotter footwear adds to the overall comfort feature. Cushioning can be made up of foam cushioned insoles, or foam linings. Cushioning can be found in our women's shoes and men's shoes.

Cushioned Footbed - footbeds are cushioned with soft materials, such as foam, to make them extremely comfortable under your feet.


Day shoes - these are usually casual and versatile women's shoes or men's shoes usually worn only in the daytime.

Depth - this is important when choosing the right shoe for your feet as they need to be deep enough for your toes to wiggle and your feet to feel comfortable.

Durable - how hard wearing or how long a product will last. Hotter shoes are designed with high quality materials and the latest innovative technology to make them very durable.


Elastic inserts - these allow your feet to flex as you walk and can help with adjustability when putting on your Hotter shoes or sandals.

Evening shoes - some of our women's shoes and women's heels will be more elegant and smarter in appearance and can be recommended for evening wear - often described as party shoes or occasion wear. Men's evening shoes are also available and can be found in the men's shoes section of our website.

Extra wide fit - a lot of our styles are available in an extra wide fit, which is EE fitting. Find our full range of women's extra wide shoes here. You can work out your width fitting by referring to our fitting guide.

Extra wide fitting shoes - these are shoes that will be available in an extra wide fit, EE fitting. You can work out your width fitting by referring to our fitting guide.

Eyelet - this is a metal ring though which laces are threaded.


Flexible sole - this will enable soles to flex as you walk, adding to the overall underfoot comfort.

Foam cushioned insole - insoles are padded with foam to add to the overall feeling of comfort for your feet.

Foam lined - some styles have foam in between the lining and the upper of the shoe which gives a luxurious cushioning feel for your feet.

Foot bed - this is the part of the shoe where the foot will be resting on.

Fullback sandal - when the upper of the sandal comes around the back of the ankle and there are no gaps. An example of a fullback style is Florence. Some people prefer a fullback sandal if they need extra support or to fit orthoses.


GORE-TEX® - designers at Hotter have used GORE-TEX® membrane in our Weatherproof Comfort Collection. The porous structure of the GORE-TEX® membrane holds the secret to its success. Each pore in the membrane is about 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water - so water can't get in. But that's not the end of the story because these same pores just happen to be 700 times bigger than a water vapour molecule so sweat and moisture from your feet can easily escape - keeping your feet dry and at a comfortable temperature.


Hand crafted - some Hotter shoes feature hand crafted detailing which adds to the attractiveness of some of our women's shoes and our men' shoes.

Hand stitched - some women's shoes and our men' shoes feature hand stitched detailing which adds to their design and uniqueness.

Happy Feet - at Hotter we like to keep your feet happy, to learn how download our free Healthy Happy Feet guide.

Happy guarantee - we realise that getting just the right shoe and fit is really important, and we want to assure you that you can order from Hotter with complete confidence. If for any reason you're not 100% happy we will be pleased to refund or exchange your purchase. All we ask is that you return your items to us, within 90 days from receipt.

Heel -the part of the shoe which adds height.

Heel height - this is the height in which your feet will be elevated off the floor once you are wearing the shoes.

High heeled shoes - some styles are designed with a higher heel creating a more feminine look. Ideal for smarter occasions or work wear.

Hotter Shoes - we have been designing and making comfortable women's shoes and men's shoes for 50 years. Striving to deliver the promise of world-class products we have invested millions of pounds to create one of the most advanced shoe making facilities in the world - here in Lancashire. Having full command of production in our factory, making more shoes per year than any other shoe maker in the UK, gives us great flexibility, 100% control over quality and a built-in desire to deliver the best we can. Find out more about Hotter on our About Us page.


Insole - this is the part of the shoe which your foot rests on whilst in the shoe, it can sometimes be removable and orthotics can be put in their place. Insoles can be made from several different materials such as leather, suede effect and cotton.

Instep - this is the top part of your foot, most of our shoes are designed to adjust around this area.




Laces -an adjustable fastening. Most of Hotter's laces are colour coordinated to match the colour of the leather. Laces can be fastened through eyelets in a number of different ways depending if you need to accommodate a foot problem such as a bunion.

Last - this is a representation of a person's foot. The uppers are made on the last and the sole is moulded onto the shoe whilst still on the last. The last is designed to give the overall appearance of the shoe, for example a last can produce a shoe with a pointed or rounded toe and can also be produced to decide the heel height of the shoes. The shape and fit of the last is critical to the finished look of the shoe.

Leather - the upper material that most of our Hotter footwear is made with. Leather is durable and flexible and breathable. Leather is generally a by product from the meat industry and is tanned to provide a wide variety of colours and finishes. Different textures of leather are available which helps add character to a shoe.

Leather insole - the insole in a shoe can be removable and is often made from several materials, a leather insole has a top made from leather with different materials creating padding underneath.

Leather lining - both women's shoes and men's shoes can be lined in several materials, one of which we use is leather. Leather linings are smooth, breathable, feels luxurious and will mould to the foot whilst wearing, making the shoes very comfortable whilst wear all day long.

Lightweight - designers at Hotter understand the importance of creating shoes that feel light and airy to walk in so all Hotter Shoes are incredibly lightweight - you will soon forgot you have got them on.

Loafer - high fronted slip on shoe which usually doesn't have any fastenings or laces.


Magnetic fastening - this is a fastening found on handbags which uses a magnet to secure the handbag flap or pocket.

Men's shoes - all of Hotter's comfortable men's shoes can be found in their own section on the website. They are individually designed by our men's shoe designer to offer durability, flexibility and rugged comfort.

Microfibre heel grip - this is a soft touch textile material used to help prevent the heel from slipping.

Microfibre lining - soft touch textile material used to line some of our Hotter shoes.

Milled leather - a type of textured, soft grained leather.


- this is buffed leather and has the same breathable properties as leather. It is used in certain Hotter shoes to give a more casual, soft or sporty appearance. Nubuck is resistant to wear which makes our shoes more hardwearing.


Orthoses - are designed to alter the way your feet and legs work, restoring more normal function and relieving stress on the painful areas. They can be manufactured from a number of different materials, ranging from soft foams to rigid plastics, and are normally designed to fit slightly behind the balls of your feet - although some an be manufactured to the full length of the foot. The insoles on many of Hotter shoes and sandals are removable to allow the insertion of orthoses.


Padded leather collar - certain women's shoes and men's shoes are designed with extra comfort in the top area of the shoe or heel.

Padded tongue - the tongue of a women's shoe or men's shoe can often be padded to add comfort to the forepart of your foot.

Patent Leather - a type of finish on leather which makes the leather appear shiny and smooth.

Perforated - some of our shoes have perforation (small punched holes in the leather) to help with breathability, some of our insoles are also perforated.

Podiatrist - a foot health specialist who can diagnose and treat any problems with your feet. See also chiropodist.




Sandal - this is a style of footwear usually worn in warmer months and usually only covers part of the foot. The sandal can be open or closed at the heel. We have a range of women's sandals and men's sandals. Scooped wedge - this is a curved and shaped wedge heel found on some of our smarter styles.

Shock absorbing - the soles of some of our shoes are made from polyurethane which is a substance which is filled with millions of air bubbles. When you walk on a shoe with a sole which is made from polyurethane the bubbles contract as you walk - effectively cushioning your feet.

Shoe care - our shoe designers take the utmost care and attention to find the perfect leathers and nubucks to help create our wonderful Hotter Comfort Concept shoes, so it's only right that we help you keep them in perfect tip-top condition. Our shoe care collection offers you products to protect and clean your women's shoes and men's shoes as well as speciality products for metallic, patent and coloured leather.

Slingback - a type of back to a sandal which goes around the ankle and helps to keep the sandal on your feet. The strap can often be elasticated or have a buckle for adjustability.

Slippers - these are a style of footwear that is often worn around the home, Hotter have their own range of men's slippers and women's slippers. Our slippers have the same comfort and feature benefits as our shoes such as lightweight soles, smooth seams and padded insoles.

Slip-on - a slip-on shoe has no fastenings which enable easy access into the shoe. Some Hotter slip on women's shoes and men's shoes will have some hidden elastication to help with fitting.

Soft grained leather - a type of leather, with a distinctive pattern. Soft grained leather is used on several of our Hotter shoes to create a more casual look.

Sole - this is the bottom of the shoe. The upper is moulded into the soles to add hidden depth.

Special occasion shoes - we have a range of shoes that we recommend for special occasions and these can be found in their own section on the website.

Sports footbed - a removable insole that is shaped to cushion the sole of the foot.

Sporty mesh - a strong, light and breathable synthetic textile.

Stacked heel - decorative effect used on some of our heeled shoes. This type of heel is easy to keep clean as it is a smooth finish.

Stipple tread - this is a kind of pattern that is used on a sole to help with grip.

Suede effect - some of our insoles have a soft suede effect on their top which maximises the feeling of comfort underfoot.


T-Bar style - a style of women's shoe that has a single strap going up the forepart of the foot and will usually meet an ankle strap.

Textile lining - this is a type of lining which is made from natural or manmade fibres.

Toebox - the toebox is the space at the front of your shoes where your toes will sit, Hotter women's shoes and men's shoes have generous toe boxes with enough room for you to wiggle your toes.

Tongue - this is a separate piece of leather that runs up the centre of your foot. This helps to add support and comfort to the top of the foot.

Topline - this is the top edge around the shoe.

Touch fastening - one side of the touch close fastening is a loop and the other side is a hook - when the two come together they create a secure fastening for your shoes. This type of fastening can be found on both women's shoes and men's shoes.


UK shoemaker - with our factory in Lancashire, Hotter shoes is the UK's leading footwear manufacturer, and we make 1.3 million pairs of shoes in the UK using the latest innovative technology in our Lancashire factory.

Unlined - some styles are unlined in the inside which can help with breathability.

Upper - this is the part of the shoe which is moulded into the sole. An upper can be made of several materials including leather, nubuck, suede or canvas.


Vamp - this is the part of the shoe that covers the forepart of your foot.

Versatile - this is a style which can be worn with several different outfits or to different occasions.


Walking boots - we have women's walking boots and men's walking boots. Both have shock-absorbing soles, adjustability, cushioned footbeds and durability which make them ideal for light walking use.

Walking shoes - we have women's walking shoes and men's walking shoes. Both have shock-absorbing soles, adjustability, cushioned footbeds and durability which make them ideal for light walking use.

Waterproof - our GORE-TEX® products are all waterproof and carry the promise GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOUR FEET DRY®. The porous structure of the GORE-TEX® membrane holds the secret to its success. Each pore in the membrane is about 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water - so water can't get in. But that's not the end of the story because these same pores just happen to be 700 times bigger than a water vapour molecule so sweat and moisture from your feet can easily escape - keeping your feet dry and at a comfortable temperature.

Weatherproof - Hotter's weatherproof collection will protect your feet from all the outside elements.

Wedge heel - this is a type of heel that is moulded as part of the shoe.

Wicking Drytex lining - drytex is an especially designed lining textile which wicks perspiration away from the foot.

Wide fitting women's shoes - some of our women's shoes are available in an extra wide fitting. To find out what fitting you are, simply download our free fitting guide.

Wide fitting shoes - many of our styles are available in an extra wide fit, which is EE fitting. Find our full range in the extra wide section of our website which includes extra wide women's shoes, extra wide women's sandals and extra wide women's boots. To find out what fitting you are, simply download our free fitting guide.

Width - this element can be very important to ensure your footwear fits correctly, our standard width size is D-E fitting and some styles are available in an extra width fitting which is EE. Have a look at our fitting guide to find the correct width fitting for your feet.