The feeling of being comfortable is truly unique to each one of us. So this season we set ourselves a creative challenge, find a unique way to encompass the stunning sensations created when you step into a pair of Hotter shoes and because, as someone once said, a picture paints a thousand words we thought what better to show you how our shoes feel than with this series of beautiful images.

We'll let Design Director Ian Spedding explain some more and, as always, we'd love to hear what you think. Simply email us at we love
Ian: "Picture light, airy freshness
breezing around your toes... it's a
simple, joyful pleasure."
Ian: "Imagine a heaving host of teeny, tiny bubbles crowded under your feet... then imagine the light, supportive bounce you enjoy every time you take a step!"
Ian: "By making sure that the soles of our shoes are incredibly flexible, we create a spring in your step that puts a smile on your face... smile after smile after smile."
Ian: "Hidden in our stylish heels are little foot friendly pillows, each one is carefully designed to softly cushion your soles."
Ian: "Performance driven design and rugged styling inject our men's range with long lasting appeal - and because we're Hotter we always make sure that there's a softer side secreted in every pair."