In our 50th year we decided to pull out all the stops for our Christmas party with a black tie ball and casino. All our staff were invited, enjoying a festive meal and entertainment. Our famous (mainly) black and white lemur Hococo even managed to join in the fun!
1. Richard Lower, Chester Hotter Store Manager; Evelyn Emslie, Business Manager North of England and Scotland; Tim Varrall, Business Manager Central England and Wales.
2. Stacey Heslip, Production Planner; Vicki Stead, Packing Line Finisher; Gill Middlehurst, Packing Line Supervisor.
3. Anna Wilson, Packing Line Finisher; Sammy Sheridan, Packing Line Finisher; Ashleigh Brennan, Warehouse Picker; Leanne Hudson, Flash Trimmer; Lisa Murray, Packing Line Finisher.
4. Glynis Flemming, Customer Service Advisor; Tracey Spencer, Customer Service Advisor.
5. Colin Wilson, IT Manager; Steven Meadow, Data Entry; Sara Mitchinson, Data Entry; Lesley Turner, Data Entry; Lee Jame, IT Technician, Craig Norton, Data Entry; Dan Smith, Data Entry; Martyn Saint, Data Entry; Carl Baladntoni, Data Entry; Andy Heburn, IT Technician.
6. Hayley Ramsey, Customer Service Advisor; Joyce Ramsey, Packing Line Finisher; June Cosgrove, Customer Service Advisor.
7. Adele Brocklebank, Analysis Manager; Hococo, Knitted Lemur Toy, Charity Fundraiser.
8. Carol Frampton, Packing Line Finisher; Gill Middlehurst, Packing Line Supervisor.
9. David Gibson, Moulder; Kevin Pledger, Moulder; John Standley, Moulder; Rob Baines, Machine Servicer.
10. Emma Hart, Data Entry; Kathy Beeley, Data Entry.
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