From the Queen's Coronation to Everest being conquered, when we asked you for you most memorable moments from the Queen's reign, you came up with some wonderful tales. We've picked a selection to share with you, and hopefully they'll inspire you to send in some more.

When Norma Thomas of Cardigan was selected to attend her annual WI conference in London she took the opportunity to fulfil her ambition to see the Queen. With the Royal Standard flying Norma knew her Majesty was at home, and as she waited a small crowd formed anticipating the arrival of the royal car. When it arrived "The Queen looked serious, and then she saw 'my crowd' all waving and she looked straight at me and gave me a dazzling smile" said Norma, "I always think of this as the day I made the Queen smile!"

"I remember as a teenager collecting cuttings from newspapers and magazine for my scrapbook of the Coronation," said Mrs M Spiteri of Morden. "Years later I watched with my small daughter as the Queen visited Brixton as part of her Silver Jubilee celebrations."

The Queen's accession to the throne was also Mrs Williams' husband's birthday and the pair spent the night out with crowds waiting for the big moment. "About midnight the news came that Everest had been conquered by Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing," explained Mrs Williams of Hanham, whose most memorable moments of the day were Queen Salote of Tonga in an open carriage and "the best beans on toast dinner ever at Lyons Café, Marble Arch!"
Sheila Shipton of Dursley recalls the day King George died, when she was a 16-year-old school girl. "We were between classrooms in our little town when a lady opened the door and told our teacher that the King had just died. He said: "This is real life history, we have a new sovereign, long live Queen Elizabeth."

"I was 18 and went with my friends to the Coronation dance at New Brighton Tower Ballroom, we all lived in Liverpool and sailed on the ferry" said Kathleen Wood of Warrington. "I met a lovely young man, he was 21, and we fell in love and later married in 1955. I was very lucky as he is the love of my life."
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