Walking on air
The girls, (L-R) Anoushka, Kay, Andrea, Rebecca and Nicola, were on cloud nine to find out they were our next comfort testing team.
A high flying team of friends were walking on air to become a Hotter comfort testing team. Between them they fly on average 10,000 miles a week as cabin crew and need to look super smart at all times in their uniforms. And being on their feet for up to 14 hours a day, they need footwear that's lightweight, super soft, cushioned and oh so comfortable.

"I've been working as cabin crew for nearly ten years and I absolutely love it! I'm usually on long haul flights so comfortable shoes make a real difference, we have strict regulations on what shoes we are allowed to wear and Hotter had a style that fitted the brief perfectly" Anoushka told us.

"The padded insole in the heels makes you feel like you are walking on air and long days become a breeze when my feet aren't hurting."

Andrea, a cabin crew manager with over 20 years' experience, has already taken her new Hotter heels to Orlanda, Turkey, Lanarca, Greece and the Balearics! "I've struggled for so long to buy good quality work shoes that look good as well as feel good. I've told all my
colleagues about Hotter and how comfy they are. I've also told my friends who are nurses as they spend a long time on their feet too and Hotter would be ideal for them."

Kay and Rebecca soon fell in love with their new heels to. Flying since 1999, and still amazed by the view from the office window, Kay first wore her heels on a 9 hour flight: "most of my day is spent standing or walking and they felt comfortable the whole time!" And Rebecca loved how dainty her heels looked, she's told everyone at work about them.

After picking their perfect pair for work the team looked for something they could wear on more causal days. Nicola, who loves shopping, picked out smart brogue Dalton: "I really like wearing them with my skinny jeans, I wear them a lot on my days off, they're perfect for the school run."

Could you and your colleagues be part of our next comfort testing team? Get in touch with us at weloveshoes@hotter.com
"The Angelica court shoe compliments my work uniform beautifully. The heel and low platform look very smart and give me that extra bit of height when walking to and from the aircraft. A perfect pair of shoes for cabin crew."

Anouska Urban

Find out more about Anoushka at //anoushkaloves.com/

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Our Comfort Testing Team

Cabin crew manager Andrea has told all her colleagues about her comfy new heels.

Comfortable shoes make a real difference to Anoushka who has been working as cabin crew for nearly ten years.

Anoushka and Kay try out their smart new heels.

Kay has been flying since 1999 and is still amazed by the view from the office window.

Rebecca and Anoushaka talk shoes... which pair to choose?

Rebecca loved how dainty her heels looked.

Smart brogue Dalton catches the eye of Nicola and Rebecca.

Nicola fell in love with pretty heel Antoinette.

Nicola loves that two days are never the same working as cabin crew.