Comfort Testing Vets
Our first ever Comfort Testing Team are a busy team of veterinary surgeons, nurses and
assistants from Companion Care Vets in Poole.
Looking after creatures great and small, the team need comfortable shoes to help keep them on their toes, and because they have to be out and about in all weathers we thought our weatherproof GORE-TEX® boots and shoes would fit the bill.
Jeni Wood, who has been a veterinary nurse for 18 years, introduced us to the team of eight who picked Mist, Summit, Thor and Venture to road-test:

"A typical day for me involves admitting animals for procedures, monitoring anaesthetics, nurse consultations and the care of in-patients - I absolutely love my job." said Jeni. "The Summit boots I tested out looked and felt sturdy so I was more than pleasantly surprised by how soft and comfy they were too."

Nurse Sinead has dreamed of working at a veterinary practice from being a child:

"I've always had a love for animals, I've been a veterinary nurse for nine years now, every day is different and I'm always learning something new. For my job it's really important to have hard wearing shoes, nothing that shows the top of your foot (dogs can scratch!), the shoes I tested were strong, comfortable and I've told my family about them."
Head Nurse Vikki loves the variety her job brings, even after 20 years:

"I always look for shoes that are comfortable as I'm on my feet for several hours at a time - the Hotter shoes I tried certainly were robust, but they were surprisingly light too."

Victoria, practice manager and Jane, the practice's receptionist enjoyed the comfortable feeling when wearing their new shoes. Victoria has even been wearing hers outside of work: "they've got a great grip, I've been using them as driving shoes too!"
If you're part of a group and would like to put yourselves forward as one of our comfort testing teams, please email us at with a photo and tell us why you think your team would love Hotter shoes.