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Fit for any weather

The perfect marriage of comfort, style and security; our range of hardwearing and breathable GORE-TEX® shoes and boots feature uniquely engineered GORE-TEX® technology, which repels water from outside while regulating the temperature inside, making these styles perfect all-weather essentials.

Casual Use

Everyday Casual Use

Enjoy all the style and comfort features you know and love from your everyday Hotter shoes, but with added weatherproof protection. Our special collection of GORE-TEX® casual styles, including a new touch-close fastening shoe and two of our best-selling Hotter Originals, means you needn’t avoid pulling on your comfy favourites when the weather turns.

Walking &

Walking and Activities

If you enjoy spending time exploring the great outdoors, you can find a wide selection of shoes and boots to take you effortlessly across country. Robust, comfortable and surprisingly lightweight, the integrated GORE-TEX® technology and sturdy profile of every style offers protection from the elements and all-round support for your feet when traversing rugged territory.

Guaranteed to keep you dry - Goretex Products

to our
Gore-tex® Range

Welcome to our gore-tex range

Women's Gore-tex® Styles:

A great, everyday shoe with Oil Aqua Nubuck and Aqua Suede uppers enhanced with GORE-TEX® technology to repel moisture; a secure and adjustable touch-close strap and internal padding give extra support.

One of our best-selling active styles has been enhanced with GORE-TEX® technology, making it breathable and waterproof. With Leanne GTX®, wear your favourite style every day without weather worries.

Step outside in confidence with our signature GORE-TEX® shoe, Mist GTX®. This waterproof shoe offers tons of cushioning, durable and lightweight soles and an adjustable lace-upfastening for a secure fit.

Featuring a padded nylon leg and supple Aqua Suede upper, this fully waterproof boot also boasts a full-length zip for easy access and durable soles for confident strides in all weathers.

A sport-inspired lace-up shoe with Oil Aqua Nubuck uppers, waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® technology and supportive padding, Patterdale GTX’s hardwearing sole flexes as you walk for comfort all day long, whatever the weather.

A sturdy all-weather boot made from Oil Aqua Nubuck and featuring a rugged and durable sole, Rutland GTX® offers great coverage and is ideal for walking across uneven terrain. Fully waterproof, this lace-up boot is softly padded at the collar and tongue for added support to the ankle.

Enjoy all the comfort and style benefits of Hotter Original Tone with the addi on of waterproof GORE-TEX® technology within Sleek Leather or Oil Aqua Nubuck uppers. The perfect casual style, come rain or shine.

Men's Gore-tex® Styles:

For great, casual style that protects in all weathers, choose Force GTX®. The Oil Aqua Nubuck upper repels moisture, thanks to integrated GORE-TEX® technology while the sporty textile banding and durable sole add rugged appeal.

Featuring a sport-inspired profile, Thor GTX’s Oil Aqua Nubuck Oil Aqua Nubuck upper is enhanced with GORE-TEX® technology, making it waterproof and breathable, while the rugged and durable sole offers a sturdy footing for all-weather walking.

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Technically Speaking

How does it work?

Sandwiched between the premium outer shoe leather and the soft inner lining lies a hidden, ultra-thin GORE-TEX® membrane. Every microscopic pore in the membrane is small enough to prevent water gettng into the shoe, but big enough to allow moisture from inside to escape, keeping your feet dry and comfortable and leaving you free to enjoy a scenic walk anywhere and in any weather.

How does it work?

Testing Times

Our GORE-TEX® shoes and boots undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the required standards of comfort, breathability and waterproofness.
Our partners at GORE approve all of our footwear designs and test our products at their factories using state-of-the-art machinery.
Above all, our GORE-TEX® shoes need to be completely water-tight, so each style is put through two essen al tests to make sure that not a drop of water from outside
can permeate the surface.

The Walking Simulator

The Walking Simulator

Test shoes are placed on flexible foot forms equipped with moisture sensors that are subject to 200,000 steps in a water bath. If moisture enters the shoe, the testing stops and the sensor indicates the source of the leak. The shoe or boot must then be modified and submitted for another round of testing, to prove that they meet the rigorous GORE-TEX® footwear standards.

The Centrifugal Tester

The Centrifugal Tester

Boots filled with water are spun at high speeds. The resulting pressure forces water through even the smallest of holes to discover leaks. All of our GORE-TEX® styles are built around our signature comfort features, so not only do they keep your feet bone dry, they also provide superior comfort and support from the moment you step into them, until the moment you kick them off at the end of the day.

Caring for your Gore-tex® Shoes

How to care for

Gore - Tex® Sleek Aqua Leather:


Use a damp cloth to remove excess dirt


Apply a water-based polish regularly in thin layers


Allow to dry for a minimum of 10 minutes


Polish with a soft cloth

How to care for

Gore - Tex® Oil Aqua Nubuck:


Regularly use a spray-on Nubuck protector


Remove any surface dirt with a stiff clothes brush


Remove any stains by applying a mild soapy solution


Always allow uppers to dry naturally