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    Women's Gore Tex Shoes (12)

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    Designed to perform, our women's GORE-TEX® styles keep feet feeling great, even on the most demanding of days. Weatherproof GORE-TEX® product technology keeps feet dry and fresh, whilst the lightweight soles and space for toes to wiggle and flex will ensure you enjoy every step. Whether you are walking the dog in the countryside with friends or wearing your GORE-TEX® shoes on a rainy day, your feet will be protected from the elements in our GORE-TEX® shoes.

    The lightweight design of the soles mean these GORE-TEX® shoes will not drag you down, because the PU sole is filled with tiny air bubbles that cushion every step you take. Not only is the sole lightweight, it is also durable, meaning it can cope with tough terrain and keep you walking for miles and miles. We use butter-soft leathers, suede and nubuck in the design of our GORE-TEX® shoes to ensure they contour to the shape of your foot.

    Our GORE-TEX® shoes are also available in wide fitting in some styles. These accommodate the width of your food meaning you have more wiggle room for your toes so that you don’t feel constricted. We incorporate deep toe boxes into our shoes; in our GORE-TEX® range this means you will be able to fit your walking socks into your shoes with no problems. Take a look at our GORE-TEX® range today and get ready for your next adventure.